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Men's Double Rider Biker Jackets in Real Leather

Men’s double rider leather jackets are one of the classics when it comes to Biker Leather Jackets. Double rider jackets were the first to be the fashion statement biker jackets that were worn by motorcyclists running cruisers all over the world. The double rider jackets feature a rugged and bold look that makes the bikers exude a certain sassy statement. They differ in style by their notched collar and hefty hardware that include epaulets, buckles and waist belts.

What are Double Rider Jackets?

Double Rider Jacket is a type of biker jacket that features a notched collar, paddings, side zippered closure, shoulder epaulets and the main of all a hefty waist belt that makes the biker jacket look highly savvy and fashionable. Cafe racer jacket and the rider's leather jacket has been around since the early 1900’s, since then it is loved by the locals and is the first to come to mind when someone talks about leather jackets for men. Just like men’s bomber jackets, double rider jackets also provide utmost performance when it comes to keeping a person warm. The waist belt and the zippered closure make sure to insulate the wearer and keep the chilly winds out.

Material Used In Double Rider Jackets

The double rider leather jacket for men is made from the finest quality leather that is full grain leather. Full-grain leather does not tend to tear, crack and peel which makes them last for over decades when cared for properly. The majority of the double riders are cowhide jackets made from the finest cowhide leather which is thicker and tougher in nature when compared with sheepskin jackets, which is lighter and softer and has a supple feel to it. The leather process carries a certain finish over it that includes aniline and semi-aniline. More premium finishes are also available at The Jacket Maker which includes suede biker jacket and distressed double rider jacket.

Color Variations in Double Rider Jackets

Men’s double rider leather jackets are available in various color options at The Jacket Maker. The most universal and basic is the black leather biker jacket that can be paired with anything possible and has the ability to provide utmost style. Be it casual, semi casual or smart casual the double rider jacket will always get you covered. Next, the neutrals are the brown double rider jackets, another example of the most mainstream color when it comes to the biker leather jacket. Brown exhibits quite a luxe vibe when paired with the right set of outfit. The Jacket Maker has a variety when it comes to colors that are vibrant, which includes maroon double riders and green double riders that can set you apart from the usual.

How to Style a Double RIder Jacket

In order to style a black double rider jacket, pair it with an all black outfit and black leather boots in order to get the most out of the jacket. Another cool way is to opt for a more casual attire, put on a plain white t-shirt along with ripped denim jeans and your everyday sneakers and top it off with a maroon double rider jacket. For a more smart casual look, you can pair a brown double rider with a white button down, brown pants and brown leather boots and let your brown leather jacket highlight your overall look.

Custom Double Rider Jackets

When it comes to a customize motorcycle leather jacket, sizing is the main thing to look for. In order to make your double rider leather jacket fit you like a glove you can order your jacket with a made to measure option that allows you to tailor the jacket to your needs. If you want your leather jacket customized that is also an option, be it a print or an embroidery, The Jacket Maker has got you covered at every step.