Green Bomber Jackets for Men - 100% Real Leather

The stylish men’s green bomber jacket is all you need to become instantly recognizable. Green bomber jackets are deemed one of the most fashionable men’s garments but less is spoken about their functional properties; lightweight, durability and water resistance. The jackets allow easy movement and are flexible from the arms and chest region, their firm fitting from the waistline giving the wearer a sharp and trendy look.

There are many different types and colors of jackets that have come and gone but the green bomber jacket is a classic staple with a modern twist that has stood the test of time and continued its dominance in the fashion world.

The Green Bomber Jacket Hardware

The Jacket Maker is known to provide some of the best quality bomber jackets; we have a vast range of styles and colors, like red, maroon, tan and distressed bomber jackets, making us one of the most reliable and sought after brands in the business. We use thick threading for the lining as it maintains the structural integrity of the jacket for a longer period of time. The decision is based on the knowledge that thin-threading loosens over time, reducing the quality as well as a lifetime of the jacket.

The fabric of this semi-formal attire is real and the tailoring is done to perfection giving it a perfect fall without making it too stretchy. The zipper glides easily, which reconfirms the quality of the bomber jacket. The men’s bomber jacket is available in nylon, polyester and leather materials.

Customization Options in Green Bomber Jacket

Understanding the importance of the right measurements is a must if you want your green bomber to look stylish and classy. There’s no problem in buying off-the-rack jackets but we recommend you buy a bespoke jacket that is made just for you; alteration can cause a tear or reduce the charm of the jacket which is why it is better to completely avoid going down that route.

To get a tailored and customised bomber jacket, you must learn how to take your measurements properly. It’s best to seek help from a friend so that you can rest your shoulders when measuring its width. You must also measure the length from your shoulder to your arm. Other places that you need to measure the length and width of are the chest, waist and hip regions. This is important because the right measurements will determine smooth operations and flexibility.

Creating Outfits With A Green Bomber Jacket

Why should you invest in a green bomber jacket when a bomber jacket in black is a much safer option? Well, that’s precisely it; a green bomber jacket is a must! The addition of a green bomber jacket in a men’s capsule wardrobe is the right decision as it gives you an opportunity to experiment and play. Men’s blue bomber jacket and brown bomber jacket sound equally fun as you can create many different outfits with them. But the color green is pretty balanced and timeless making it an easy choice and has given the other two as options.

A man in a bomber jacket is a sight to behold - It’s a staple outfit, perfect for most occasions and weathers. You can wear a dark green bomber jacket and green chinos with either Chelsea boots or brown leather loafers. You can also wear the green bomber jacket with white or grey wool chinos for a laid-back look. Another ensemble includes the pairing of the green bomber jacket with a beige hoodie and wide-legged denim jeans.

Green Bomber Jacket: Over The Top?

Bomber jackets are essentially flamboyant; they make you look exceptionally stylish yet understated and classy. But again, it’s all dependent on the color you choose. A green bomber jacket is vibrant and adds rakish energy to your overall vibe.

The color green is not only peaceful but it also adds a sense of calm and perseverance to your environment; so people around you also feel positive and comfortable. All in all, get a green bomber jacket for your men’s capsule wardrobe because it’s versatile, classy and extremely trendy!