Green Windbreakers for Men - Nylon Polyester Jackets

One of the great things about men’s fashion is its complete detachment from its surroundings. Sure, you have to wear a winter jacket for men during the cold days of the year, but there is no rule on wearing white to match the snow. This lack of limitations is liberating for regular outfitting – making it easier for everyone. But you can also turn this freedom into a great style asset by subverting the expectations and matching your outfits to the surroundings, and what better outerwear for this task than men’s windbreakers in earthy green. Windbreakers are the ideal choice for transitional seasons like early spring and late fall. These weeks are hot enough that regular men’s leather jackets can feel a bit too warm, but still cold enough that you can’t just go without a jacket. Windbreakers fill this role perfectly with their temperature regulation, lightweight, and cold wind protection. Coincidently, these transitional seasons are also the ones filled with gray skies and brownish-green nature – making them the ideal match for earthy, drab green-inspired outfits.

Men’s Green Windbreakers Style

The easiest way to style men’s green windbreakers is to pair them with completely neutral black, white, or gray outfits. However, even though these three options promise similar vibes, the best items are different for each color. For all-black, a V-neck t-shirt and tight-fit jeans are the optimal choices, alongside a pair of high-top black sneakers. All-white outfits for green windbreakers work best with a white button-up and white chinos over a white low-top sneaker. Lastly, the neutral gray look is best crafted with a gray turtleneck, straight-cut jeans, and gray sneakers. You can also rock this all-gray outfit with a black leather jacket with a hood for a fantastic urban casual look. The next step in styling green windbreakers for men is to embrace the earthy tones completely. A great example of such an outfit features a pair of brown corduroy pants, a light blue button-up, and a dark green windbreaker with a similar design to leather bomber jackets. Finally, bring it all together with shiny brown leather oxfords. Another outfit in a similar style starts with the green men’s windbreaker and pairs it with a cream-colored t-shirt and charcoal pants. Make sure to complete this look with a dark brown knit scarf and matching dark brown sneakers. The last key method of styling men’s green windbreakers goes against everything we’ve looked at so far and pairs these jackets with regular everyday clothes. For example, an outfit with ripped blue jeans and a vibrant mustard V-neck is an extremely well-polished but standard casual outfit. Now add in an equally vibrant green windbreaker on top, and you’ve got the ultimate fall casual ensemble. A blue windbreaker jacket can also replace the green jacket for these attention-grabbing outfits. One style of men’s green windbreakers that very few people know about is their use as the middle layer between a light-colored shirt and a dark leather jacket. So, the green windbreaker will act as a contrasting barrier between a dark brown men’s shearling bomber jacket and a light brown button-up, all worn over blue jeans and black sneakers.

Custom Men’s Green Windbreakers

Whether you’re in the market for a lightweight yet durable green windbreaker or need something warmer like a brown shearling winter coat, we’ve got you covered with our extensive and varied collection. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, just hit us up, and we’d be happy to craft a custom jacket for you. We also do alterations and updates in existing designs from our collection, so you get exactly what you need.