Grey Trench & Winter Coats for Men - 100% Real Leather

(Winter coats)[/mens-winter-coats] are lightweight, versatile and cozy; you want long outerwear to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. And that is exactly what The Jacket Maker has to offer. Our brand brings you men’s grey winter coats that are made from the finest raw materials and delivered at an exceptionally fair price.

We pride ourselves on showcasing exquisite craftsmanship, offering better quality stitching and just-in-time production. We celebrate diversity and self-expression which is why our clientele is always eligible for bespoke services.

Grey Winter Coats: Design and Cut

Whether you’re interested in buying a barfly style coat or something that is more on the cosmopolitan and dandy side, our collection of distressed trench and winter coats will meet your preference. The outer shell of the coats provided by The Jacket Maker is made of wool whereas for the inner shell various options are available, like polyester lining and quilted viscose lining.

The craftsmen use precision and dextrous craftsmanship in the stitching, furnishing and trimming of the coats, especially when working on its lining so as to preserve the shape of the outerwear.

Our coats are highly functional and flexible to operate in. For instance, button and toggle buttons with placket and zipper are used to close the winter coats and some even have shoulder epaulettes to enhance the wearer’s build and improve their posture.

The collar styles in our men’s winter coat collection are varied; from a simple notch to a shirt with a removable hood, there are options for every type of wearer. The cuffs are uniquely adjusted with a hem, with and without a strap. On average, there are three or two pockets both inside and outside of the coat. The hardware of coats has metallic and plastic buttons, taking the look of these coats to another level.

Color and Style of Men’s Winter Coat

From the accent of the winter coat to its silhouette, every garment offered by the excellent craftsmen of The Jacket Maker is done to perfection. The grey trench coat is most suitable for winters due to its neutral undertone and sophistication. It is a color that is easily embraced by all weathers reflecting high versatility. For example, the khaki trench coat can be worn on multiple occasions; perfect for smart casual to formal-ish looks. It is obviously not grey, but the khaki trench coat belongs to the same league as the greys.

Grey in itself is a deep hue; it varies from a silver undertone to charcoal, fossil and smoke grey. Hence, you can wear antique tailored coats by adding personalized artwork, embellishments and threadwork. The geometric and grunge look of our coats is exactly what you need to create Men’s Grey Winter Coats Monochromatic outfits. Right from the patchwork to the hemline of the grey coats, our masters are always at work to give you the high-quality overwear needed to create fashion-forward and contemporary attire. This color is suitable and a great alternate option for people who like wearing brown winter coat. Grey, on a subliminal level, gives the same cooler feel like a blue winter coat.

Styling A Men’s Winter Coat

Anyone even remotely interested in fashion and the latest trends would find men’s grey winter coats a necessity; this garment can be worn in multiple ways and on various occasions. A winter leather coat needs to be styled with tones that compliment and bring balance to the entire look. The rules for a men’s black winter coat are different because they can be worn with literally any tone and color. The cardinal rule applied to grey winter coats for men’s wardrobe are slightly unique; it’s deemed best to pair them with muted shades, like brown, tan, distressed, beige, and even ivory.