Maroon Biker Leather Jackets for Men - 100% Real Leather

The world of men’s leather jackets is filled to the brim with everything you’d need for day-to-day outfitting. In addition to being a powerful fashion tool as a whole, each leather jacket design also brings something unique to your arsenal. The black leather biker jacket, for example, allows you to look well-dressed without requiring any significant effort or time. Similarly, a bright blue leather biker jacket comes in handy on occasions where you want to stand out from the crowd and have a distinct style identity. However, very few of these jackets have more than one strong point, and the men’s maroon leather jacket is one of them. The attribute that makes maroon jackets so special is their ability to both blend in and stand out when needed. In other words, you get the memorability of unconventional biker leather jacket colors while also maintaining the outfit versatility of standard blacks and browns. Even if you don’t care about either of these benefits, the style potential of men’s maroon leather biker jackets alone is enough to make them worth your investment.

Styling Men’s Maroon Biker Jackets

There are two key methods of styling a maroon biker jacket, and they’re both equally valid. The decision between them depends on your situation and fashion preferences. The first idea is to embrace the slightly unconventional hue of maroon and make it the focal point of your outfit. Easiest way to execute this style is by pairing the maroon cafe racer jacket with all-black or all-white outfits. However, don’t make these single-color outfits bland by relying on basic t-shirts. Spice up the silhouette by swapping out t-shirts for either button-ups, turtlenecks, or hoodies. Similarly, don’t rock plain footwear with zero details; instead, put on leather combat boots or designer sports sneakers for a distinct aesthetic. The other key method of styling a maroon double rider jacket is to integrate it into the outfit as an addition and not the focus. A polished outfit in this style will start with a pair of straight-cut navy blue jeans under a gray turtleneck. Top it off with a maroon shearling jacket and finish the look with a pair of black high-top sneakers. Fun fact, this exact outfit works flawlessly with a men’s brown leather biker jacket as well. Another example of a complementary men’s maroon biker jacket outfit is a professional-looking ensemble with a light blue button-up, cream V-neck sweater, and charcoal chinos. The last piece of this stylish puzzle is a pair of shiny black oxfords, and you’re ready to dominate the next meeting at the office. You can swap out the plain maroon jacket with a leather jacket with a hood to add a bit more youthful personality to your overall look.

Custom Men’s Maroon Biker Jacket

A single piece of quality outerwear has the ability to completely overhaul the look of your entire wardrobe, and nothing executes this task better than a leather jacket. That’s why we offer a wide array of leather jackets in tens of unique shapes, designs, and colors – everything from standard suede jackets to extremely unconventional and vibrant green leather biker jackets. However, if you still don’t find something that fits your needs, don’t worry; our talented craftsmen can turn the leather jacket of your dreams into a reality. Just hit us up, and one of our design experts will take it from there. They’ll note down your requirements, offer expert advice and alterations, and help you finalize the design. You get to choose everything from the major stuff like leather finish to minute details like the color of the zippers.