Tan Cafe Racer for Men - 100% Real Leather

Men’s Tan cafe racer jackets are not an ordinary item when it comes to styling, tan is a unique color when it comes to outerwear. But styling and making a fashionable item look good through a men’s tan cafe racer jacket is fairly easy. The Jacket Maker carries an impressive assortment of classy tan leather jackets which can help you achieve utmost style easily.

Men’s Cafe Racer Tan Jackets (Material)

Tan cafe racer jackets are made of real leather which can be goatskin, sheepskin, cowhide, or calfskin. Depending upon the functionality and finish of the leather. Thick leather such as cowhide and goat provides more warmth as to their counterparts which are sheepskin and calfskin, that are lighter in nature. The tan leather jackets are durable due to the use of full-grain leather which can also be referred to as the highest quality leather. The men’s tan cafe racer jackets can last for over a decade if maintained properly.

Tan Cafe Racer Jacket (Colors)

Tan is a unique and gorgeous color that gives a happy vibe due to its brighter properties. When paired with a modish outfit, the jacket tends to highlight the overall personality of the wearer along with the outfit. Cafe racer biker jackets are fairly common in the fashion industry and have a high demand by many, all over the world. The Cafe racer jackets at The Jacket Maker are not only limited to tan, but you can also find these jackets in black, blue, brown, green, maroon, and red. Every color has its own unique features when it comes to achieving style.

Tan Cafe Racer Jacket (Features)

The tan cafe racer jacket exhibits various features within itself, some of the main features include, snap buttoned collar, open hem or buttoned cuffs, and zippered closure style. To ensure ultimate comfort, quilted viscose lining plays a vital role. If we look at the Ionic Tan Brown Leather Biker Jacket the jacket is made of sheepskin real leather. The jacket features a semi-aniline finish, along with band collar style and zippered cuffs, the zippered closure gives complete insulation to the wearer in chilly weather.

How To Style Tan Cafe Racer Jackets

Styling a tan cafe racer jacket is fairly easy, you can pair it with almost anything. The best way to pair this classic colored jacket is over an all-black outfit along with brown or tan suede boots, this way the jacket can easily highlight the overall ensemble. In order to style Voltex Tan Leather Biker Jacket, due to the notched collar style, the jacket gives off a classic appearance when worn correctly, you can pair this jacket with a plain white t-shirt, blue denim jeans, and your white everyday sneaker, and you’re all set to rock and roll.

What Is The Difference Between Brown And Tan Color Tones?

Both colors are from the same family, they both possess an earthy tone to them. The difference between the two is the shade of the color. Tan is relatively lighter and brighter in nature when compared to brown. When it comes to the leather finish, sometimes distressed tan leather can fairly give a resemblance to brown but if looked closely the color might still be lighter than light brown.

Customized Tan Cafe Racer Jackets

At The Jacket Maker, you can make any customization to your leather jacket, you can even design your own jacket using your imagination with us through our bespoke process. From classic embroidery to changing the color of your zippers, The Jacket Maker has got you covered.