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Brown Suede Moto Jackets for Men & Women - 100% Real Leather

Do you want the comfort, durability, and versatility of leather, but the shiny texture is not your thing? Enter the suede jackets. They are like regular leather jackets but with a unique texture. The surface of these jackets is much softer than regular men’s leather jackets – giving them a very premium feel. Plus, men’s brown suede moto jackets are more lightweight without compromising long-term durability. Suede jackets also give up the shearling jacket like heat retention for superb breathability. This breathability is how suede jackets can be worn during summer in some regions. However, the main reason to invest in a brown suede moto jacket is its aesthetic. The texture is completely different from any other leather finish – making suede jackets stand out in a sea full of other leather jackets. The soft surface of suede allows for heaps of design flexibility which results in crazy unique designs that you won’t see with any other finish. These great designs are particularly noticeable in our collection of quality suede jackets for women.

Ways to Style Brown Suede Moto Jacket For Men & Women

Leather biker jackets are a bit tough to style on their own. Throw in the suede material finish, and the prospect of styling them becomes even more of an issue. Luckily, styling them is not as tough as it may seem at first. Start by thinking of these as just brown moto jackets and pick a few good-looking outfits. These can be simple ensembles like a white t-shirt, blue jeans, black sneakers, or something a bit fancier with a cream hoodie over charcoal chinos and black high-tops. Now evaluate these outfits based on the suede material. For example, say you chose an all-black outfit with shiny clothes. Is this a good match for men’s brown suede moto jackets? No, not really. The shiny fabrics under a completely matt jacket will look odd and distracting. On the contrary, a collection of white button-ups, V-neck sweaters, and khaki black pants will look brilliant under a dark brown suede moto suede jacket. Another way to style suede women’s leather biker jackets is to take advantage of their matt surface and wear it to work. Offices don’t allow leather because of its showy sheen, but suede is acceptable in most places. But, make sure to read the company dress code for further confirmation. As for what to wear, a light-colored button-up under a V-neck sweater, a pair of dark dress pants, and black oxford shoes is the ideal option. Just make sure to choose the women’s brown suede moto jacket with a simple design as the angular styles with metallic details are not a good choice for work.

Take Care of Suede Moto Jackets

One misconception about suede moto jackets is that they are very fragile and extremely difficult to maintain. Although there is some truth to this statement; it is very exaggerated. The only thing you have to care for with your men’s brown suede moto jacket is moisture. Keep it away from water and moist storage spaces. If it gets wet, wipe it clean immediately and let it dry in a cool and dry place before the next use.

Custom Brown Suede Moto Jacket For Men & Women

We believe that our collection of brown suede moto jackets is fairly extensive and offers many popular designs. However, these are only a handful of options compared to the hundreds of unique possibilities. So, if you’re looking for anything not present in our catalog, just get in contact, and our custom design team will transform the suede jacket of your dreams into a reality.