Brown Trench & Winter Coats for Women - 100% Real Leather

For many women, looking pretty and staying warm are two completely unconnected endeavors, but they don’t have to be. Enter women’s brown trench & winter coats that offer ultimate cold protection while looking stunning in the process. These winter coats for women blend the fluffy coziness of woolen coats and the captivating style of women’s leather jackets into a single coherent and relatively slender package. So, you get to stay warm without wearing a winter coat that looks more like a quilt with sleeves. The best part about women’s brown trench & winter coats, however, is the outfitting opportunities they bring. Regular-sized outerwear like the leather bomber jackets for women or biker jackets do have a very distinct appearance from up close, but they all kind of melt together from afar. Plus, even though the exact items are different, the types of styles you can achieve with them are fairly similar as well. So, in this environment, an unusually long coat with a large collar and fur lining will stand out completely from the rest. It’ll also allow you to utilize your existing wardrobe from a new angle. Let’s take a look at some of the best outfits you can cart with women’s brown trench and winter coats.

Women’s Brown Trench & Winter Coats Style

The simplest way to style a brown trench coat is to let it take center stage and become the focus of attention. All you need for this look is a white crew-neck t-shirt, a pair of black leggings, and black velvet loafers to complete the look. Just make sure to button up the front of your coat, and you’re good to go. You might think that an outfit so simple might look boring or uninteresting, but these coats are stylish enough to hold everything together on their own, with little to no help from their surroundings. Though, if you still see this outfit as too simple, pair it with matching accessories like a brown leather bag and dark brown scarf. Cold jewelry will also contrast nicely against this minimalistic ensemble. Getting a bit fancier, we have the brown trench coat outfit with contemporary urban clothes. For example, choose a dark brown winter coat and rock it over a cream-colored knit turtleneck sweater and a pair of pure white pants. The ideal footwear for this look is either white ankle strap heels or white low-top sneakers, depending on your plans. As a side note, this piratical outfit works extremely well with a dark brown shearling jacket for women as well. You can also contrast the basic brown color of the coats with vibrant shades by wearing them over maroon button-ups or yellow tank tops alongside a pair of fresh blue jeans. Keep the footwear limited to black high-tops as vibrant shoes would be going too far.
The right brown trench coat can even replace the leather blazer for women in an office environment. Just wear it over light flared button-ups and charcoal or dark brown dress pants. Loose-fitting shirts work better in this outfit when worn over tight-fitting cropped pants. Also, leather pumps will match this professional vibe perfectly.

Custom Women’s Brown Trench & Winter Coats

The world of women’s brown trench & winter coats is more diverse than you might initially think. Just take a look at our varied collection of unique designs, and you’ll get a good idea of their potential. If you want to take advantage of this potential, just get in contact with our design team. They will work with you extensively to turn the winter coat of your dream into a tangible reality.