Green Leather Jackets for Women - 100% Real Leather

Modeling your look after nature is easy during the hotter parts of the year. All you need is a floral sundress, and you’re ready to blend in with the vibrant atmosphere of late spring and early summer. But what about the other side of the year? Well, for that, you need women’s leather jackets in earthy drab green. Fall vibes aside, the unconventional shade of green with a shiny leather finish is a sight to behold and must have for anyone looking to build a unique fashion identity. This shade of green is so uncommon in leather jackets, in fact, that most women don’t even know that they can buy rich green jackets instead of just olive ones. Despite their relative obscurity, however, the stylistic potential of these green leather bomber jackets for women is apparent from a single glance. The true power of this darker and richer green comes from its association with both the conventional colors like black and less popular vibrant colors like maroon. This dichotomy of connections makes these jackets surprisingly versatile and compatible with your existing outfits while also offering plenty of opportunities for experimental outfits and one-of-a-kind ensembles.

Outfitting Women’s Green Leather Jackets

The first order of styling green leather biker jackets for women is to embrace their unconventional color. Very few people have seen this particular shade of green on a shiny leather surface, and you can take advantage of that. All you have to do is wear an outfit that diverts all of the attention towards the jackets, and you’re good to go. But the standard all-black setup used for other unconventional jackets is not the best option here. Instead, the last ideal jacket-focused outfit for women’s green leather jackets consists of a white shirt, black leggings, gray leggings, and black low-top sneakers. The reason why we’re pairing it with white is that a black shirt mutes the richness and vibrance of this green. For the same reasons, wearing a light blue shirt instead of white can make the jacket even more vibrant than it actually is. Now to the “normal” outfits, and the first one on the list is a combo of blue cropped jeans and a crew neck t-shirt with black and white horizontal stripes. Make sure the blue on the jeans is fresh and vibrant; otherwise, the outfit will look a bit dull. Also, the ideal jacket for this style is a green [leather moto jacket for women]/womens-leather-motorcycle-jackets) for its angular design and shiny metallic details. A different outfit with the same idea stars a green suede jacket for women and pairs it with a light yellow flared crop top and ripped black jeans. The thing that brings this outfit together is a pair of brown leather high boots. Moving away from standard pants, we have the surprising matchup of green ma1 bomber jackets with light-colored dresses and skirts. A great example of this style includes a white wrap dress with a vibrant yellow dotted design and a green suede jacket. The finisher here is a pair of white sports shoes and a drab green leather purse. You can all wear this green suede jacket over a white and red dress for Christmas.

Custom Women’s Green Leather Jackets

Green is not a popular color when it comes to leather jackets which directly affects the variety available on the market. We’ve mitigated this issue by offering this shade of green in almost every popular leather jacket design. But that’s not all. If you need a jacket that’s not in this collection, hit us up, and we’d be happy to make something custom for you.