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Women's Leather Motorcycle Jackets

Leather jackets have been around us for a long time, the leather motorcycle jackets are a timeless classic that has been in awe of many. The classic biker jackets were introduced as a piece of apparel that used to symbolize the association of the wearer to a certain group or gang. The motorcycle jackets were then introduced to the fashion world and since then they serve as a style element for both men and women. The women’s leather motorcycle jackets are a style staple that improvises the overall look along with the personality of the women wearing the biker jacket.

Design And Styles For Women’s Leather Motorcycle Jackets

The motorcycle leather jackets for women are divided into two subcategories that are, cafe racer leather jackets and double rider jackets. The classic motorcycle jacket is basically a double rider leather jacket with padding on the shoulder and elbows. The double rider jackets have funky waist belts, epaulets, buckles, and notched collar that gives off a rugged sense of style, whereas if we talk about cafe racer jackets, they are a decent alternative to double rider jackets which features, a snap button or banded collar, along with zippered closure and open hem cuffs. The cafe racers are simpler-looking motorcycle jackets, best for those who tend to lay low when it comes to fashion elements.

Materials Used to Make Motorcycle Leather Jacket

The women and men motorcycle leather jackets are made out of real full-grain leather, which helps the jacket last up to decades. Full-grain leather tends to last longer as it does not easily crack or peel when maintained properly. The motorcycle jackets are made out of various types of leather, that include cowhide, goatskin, sheepskin, and calfskin. Every material has a different characteristic. Cowhide and goatskin are comparatively thicker leathers that have the ability to provide maximum warmth, whereas sheepskin and calfskin fall under lightweight leather but they do provide warmth along with a supple feel to it.

Shades of Colors in Women’s Motorcycle Leather Jackets

Motorcycle leather jackets for women come in various color options from the spectrum, they differ in styles and the vibrance that helps mold the personality of the wearer. The basic color options and designs are the black leather motorcycle jackets for women and suede moto jackets, apart from these the jackets are available in more vibrant colors such as red, burgundy, maroon, tan, and green.

How Do You Select a Perfect Size for a Motorcycle Jacket for Women?

In order to select the perfect size, you need to know that a motorcycle leather jacket needs to fit like a glove, it should always feel like the jacket is hugging you. The length of the jacket should be waist length, the sleeve should end at the upper side of the thumb and the closure needs to be curvy enough to portray the exact body shape. Like bomber jackets which offer a waist band, biker jackets offer a waist belt that helps keeping the jacket in place and helps it to fit you perfectly.

Customize Your Women’s Leather Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Having the right-sized leather jacket is obligatory in order to get the most style out of it. The Jacket Maker allows you to customize your motorcycle leather jacket for women or even a leather moto vest in every way possible. Be it a custom size, The Jacket Maker’s made-to-measure process allows you to tailor your jacket just to your right size. Along with this, you can easily make changes to the jacket, change its zipper color or make us add more hardware. The Jacket Maker has got you covered in every way possible.