Distressed Aviator Leather Jackets for Men - 100% Real Leather

Aviator jackets for men are ideal as they make them look rugged and stylish all at the same time. You can use this jacket to create a variety of outfits — for various occasions; smart casual to semi-formal all alike.

The Jacket Maker has several great options for you to choose from starting from Aaron Black Leather Bomber Jacket and Coffmen Brown Leather Bomber Jacket, with both having a distinct design and undertone.

Men’s Distressed Aviator Jacket — Material & Meticulous Work

Our collection is made of real leather which is full grain and of the best quality. From sheepskin leather to goatskin and hides of cows, different leathers are used depending on durability and flexibility.

Three types of finishing are used to add character to the jackets along with variation in style and looks. Hence, you can go for a snuffed finish that is slightly rough on the surface or a soft burnishing that gives off a glossy look. You can balance between the two finishing types by going for an aviator jacket with a rub-off finish.

The aviator jackets for men come with fully faux and quilted viscose lining, aiding its barfly style that is textured and rugged. From the stitching to the trimming and finishing of aviator jackets, everything is top-notch and done with precision.

Distressed Aviator Jacket for Men — Design and Silhouette

The distressed aviator jackets have two styles of closing: one with a zipper and the other with a zipper along with a button flap. As for the collar, you have a buckled collar, high neck, rib knit and shirt style. The aviator jackets have roll-back and knit rib cuffs style.

Some jackets have waist adjustment straps and metallic hardware. The silhouette and accent of the jacket is unique and cosmopolitan. The hemline is short in length from the waist.

The design is fashion forward and doesn’t compromise on the storage facility. There are two to four pockets in every jacket on an average; giving ample space to wearers to carry gadgets and small items like wallet, phone and car keys.

Custom Distressed Aviator Jackets

The Jacket Maker works on just-in-time production which means every jacket you place the order for is made just for you and only according to the measurements you provide. Hence, we recommend you go for our custom or bespoke service to add personalized artwork, labels, embellishments and threadwork. We also have a ready-to-wear collection but there’s nothing more important than a customized jacket that is made only for you.

Distressed Aviator Jackets: Color Variations & Options

You have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to the collection of distressed aviator jackets. Black, brown, blue, green, and red are the colors that you expect to see anyhow in a collection that claims to be versatile.

But this collection is distressed and dandy in style and mostly instilled with an undertone that leans towards earthy shades. You can find colors that match your personality and temperament as well as the goal for the outfit you’re planning to create.

How to Style Distressed Aviator Jackets?

Styling a men’s aviator jacket is easy; you can wear a brown distressed leather jacket with a white tee and beige chinos. You can also wear this jacket with an all black look. Go for chukka, derby or ankle boots for the footwear.

The idea is to use the jacket as the centerpiece around which the entire outfit is planned. Use this jacket to create grunge, rugged, timeless and contemporary looks. Styling a distressed aviator jacket the right way adds charm to your demeanor and helps you feel confident.