About Leather Trench Coat for Men

The men’s trench coat is, and always will be, the go-to piece of outerwear for someone looking to bring sophisticated fashion and remarkable comfort in their day-to-day life. If you take a look at the high fashion industry, you’ll quickly learn that most popular clothing is sacrificing something to achieve its desired style, and in most cases, that sacrifice is comfort and practicality. That’s not the case with the leather trench coat. It almost sounds too good to be true, but the UK trench coat offers the comfort and protection it was originally designed to do while keeping the style and fashion options of vintage and historical garment intact.

Trench Coat and media:

Men’s trench coats in the UK have had a very successful career in popular media. From their early appearances in war movies to their utilisation as a uniform for detectives, in movies around the world, the trench coat has been a part of movies since the golden age. It has been used to represent brave detectives who put their life on the line for their work or as a concealing curtain between the viewer and a mysterious character. The versatility is truly endless, and it translates extremely well from film to real life, as the modern trench coat allows you to take on a whole host of looks just by pairing the trench coat with different outfits.

What Do You Wear With a Trench Coat?

As mentioned in the previous section, the men’s trench coat gives a myriad of style options and outfit crafting opportunities. So, let’s take a look at the different looks that you can pull off with these nifty pieces of men’s outerwear.

Formal Business Look:

After its initial use in the war, the trench coat quickly found itself on the shoulders of sophisticated and posh businessmen around the world, and that classic look can be easily achieved today as well. The simplest way is to just put a black trench coat over any suit, and you’re done. You can also craft some S-tier outfits like a grey three-piece suit with a black shirt and a black leather trench coat.

Comfy Weekend Look:

Not many people know about this, but trench coats are a great contender for the Saturday morning look. A look you can easily achieve by combining a classic trench coat with a hoodie of your choice, a pair of soft joggers and some simple white trainers. Everyday Casual Look: Not every day consists of a business meeting or a layback trip to the local coffee shop. Most days, you want to look presentable while still being comfortable in your clothing, and trench coats can help you achieve that flawlessly. Blue jeans and a pair of leather boots work extremely well together, and for the upper half of the body, you can either wear a soft V-neck or a polo-neck, preferably in dark colours. One thing that takes this kind of styling to the next level would be the use of accessories like scarfs.

Are Men’s Trench Coats Good for Winter Use in the UK?

There are a lot of leather winter coats available on the market with their own quirks and design elements. But is the classic trench coat any good in the cold weather? The answer is yes; it depends. The initial purpose of trench coats was to protect against the humidity, not the cold. The modern iterations, however, like the leather trench coats, are great at insulation and keeping you warm. If the weather has more cold winds and less cold temperature, then the trench coat works like a charm. You can wear trench coats in extreme winter by layering them with jumpers and other warm clothing. Although, a better-suited set of leather coats for the extreme cold would be the shearling leather coats. Their fluffy fur, combined with the sheepskin leather construction, allows them to retain body heat like nobody’s business.

Is a Trench Coat and a Duster Coat the Same?

No, even though they might look extremely similar at first glance, these two leather coats are not the same. There are, in fact, quite a few differences between them. For starters, the original purpose of the trench coats was to protect their wearer from rain and humid environments. The leather duster, on the other hand, was more about protecting its wearer from the dust and debris from riding a horse. Another differentiating factor is the length. The duster coat is much lengthier than the already long trench coat since the leather duster is supposed to provide protection to the whole body.

Custom Trench Coats:

The Jacket Maker offers a whole assortment of trench coats, ranging from classics to contemporary. There is something for most people here, yet this is just scratching the surface. Even a catalogue as extensive as ours cannot cover every single design, material, and colour variation of men’s trench coats that exist in this world. That’s why we offer the custom trench coat service in the UK. It allows you to customise and design the trench coat of your dreams. Just provide some required info on our custom trench coats, and get started today.