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Best Handmade Full-Grain Real Leather Crossbody Bags For Men & Women

Everyone has their own definition of fashion and style, but some pieces are just common in everyone’s dictionary. We know for a fact that leather jackets and leather shoes have been wardrobe staples for years and now, and the leather bags have seemed to make their way through too. Everyone wants to get their hands on a classic yet timeless leather bag which allows them to flaunt around.

You can find a wide ranging collection of leather bags but one should pick out a bag depending on the need. If you are someone who wants a staple leather bag which you can grab whenever you go out, whether it be a vacation, an office day or just a friend’s day out we have the exact thing, the leather crossbody bag.

The Jacket Maker offers every leather bag from leather business bags to leather travel bags and definitely the leather crossbody bags. These sling bags do not hinder your movement and adapt to most of your styles all you have to do is find the perfect match for yourself.

Are leather crossbody bags better?

Leather crossbody bags like the women’s crossbody messenger bag are appreciable because they are not significantly sizable. The strap goes around your shoulder to the other side thus the weight does not have to be borne by one shoulder only. They are a safer option as bags as they hand in front of you. Lastly, they are contemporary, stylish and you have multiple designs to choose from.

What is the best length for a crossbody strap?

When you wear your canvas crossbody messenger bag or any other leather crossbody bag make sure that the bag drops down to your hips. The crossbody being above your hips or below will cause you discomfort in hanging and walking with it. If you get a crossbody bag in which the strap does not adjust according to your wish then get yourself crossbody custom bags from The Jacket Maker and mention your requirements for the strap that you need.

Why do people wear crossbody bags?

Just like a leather folio and leather laptop sleeves are very handy for carrying laptops, leather backpacks are easy to wear to school or on trips in the same way crossbody bags are trouble free and a practical carry. People wear crossbody bags because they do not have to be held by hand and thus you can run errands without a hustle without feeling a lot of weight on yourself.

What bags are called crossbody bags?

A bag that you can wear across your body from your shoulder is called a crossbody bag. Some types of leather crossbody bags are as follows: 1- leather tote bags 2- leather duffle bags 3- leather messenger bags 4- leather briefcases Leather duffle bags are commonly designed for your travel and consequently if you feel like there is a lot of weight in your duffel bag you can always wear it like a crossbody bag. On the other hand, leather messenger bags and leather briefcases are ideal for you to carry to your office and people do prefer wearing them like a crossbody bag so that they can walk without any hassle.

How does a full grain leather crossbody bag last?

Full grain leather is the prime quality leather which is not highly processed before it goes to tanning and thus is exceedingly durable. If you pick out a full grain leather messenger crossbody bag or any other type of full grain leather bag, it is without a doubt going to last you forever. Keep it clean, and condition according to the need and it will surely last you more than you think, that is why leather pieces are known to be timeless.

What is the difference between a real leather crossbody bag and a faux leather crossbody bag?

People often tend to pick faux leather crossbody bags because they are cheap but let us tell you that they might be cheap but cannot compare to real leather crossbody bags. The Jacket Maker provides its customers with real leather crossbody bags and the animal hide that is used belongs to the premium class. Real leather bags are a one time investment with a beautiful patina and a top tier appearance. These leather crossbody bags are durable, and the skin will not start to peel or crack over time. On the other hand, faux leather body bags do not last you long, as they are made out of PU leather and so they get damaged in no time, their skin starts to crack and come off.

Which color is the best for men’s crossbody messenger bags?

The cross body messenger bag for men comes in different colors but it all depends on the taste of the particular person. Most men opt for neutral colors that do not seem to be bold but give away a timeless and classic vibe. You can pick a black leather bag, brown leather bag, blue leather bag or a grey leather bag according to your liking. These colors are basic colors that work well on every bag and go with every outfit that you pair it with.

Custom handmade leather crossbody bag

Customizing means designing your leather crossbody bag from scratch or even getting some aspects of your bag changed and turning it into your best leather crossbody bag. The Jacket Maker gives you the full privilege to get yourself custom leather bags. Start off by choosing the leather type and the lining type, once you have finalized it then you can pick out the color you want. You can go for basic colored bags like the black leather crossbody bag or the brown leather crossbody bag, however, if you are someone who likes it out of the box then you can also choose colors like red and green or maybe even yellow. Once you are satisfied with the color and you have a style in mind you can give our customer representative the sample picture or describe it to us. If you like something from our product page but would like to customize it and give it a tweak you can. Lastly, choose what you want to do on your bag, you can get it studded, get customized zippers or even get embroidered patches for it.