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Black Fur & Shearling Coats for Men - 100% Real Leather

Chilly winds and winters have a lot in common, the use of jackets and coats never goes out of style, but especially in winters Shearling coats are ought to be seen more often. Being the universe of all Men’s Black Fur & Shearling Coats however have an appealing element, specifically when it has white or brown shearling or fur on it.

The Shearling: Material

Shearling’s literal meaning is wool or fleece from a sheep that has been shorn, but due to the technological revolutions, faux fur is more vegan-friendly as well as a cost-effective approach while manufacturing fur. There are various tones to shearling which highlights a black coat. Fur & Shearling has been around the human race since the beginning of times, initially, the shearling and the fur were derived from sheep due to their high insulating properties, which keeps the person warm in harsh winters. Today, despite the performance, shearling is vastly used by fashion influencers, in this fast-fashion industry. Just like men’s black fur coat or black shearling coat for men, they serve as a fashion statement that radiates a wearer’s personality in winters.

Shearling & Fur Coat Features

The coat offers various features along with performance and functionality. The main features that Fur & Shearling Coats embeds are unique real leather finishes, which include distressed and semi-aniline. Sheepskin real leather used as the base with faux fur lining, the coat does not disappoint in any way when it comes to keeping the wind out and insulating the wearer to keep him warm enough. Alongside, like the cherry on top, the coat also features various types of collars which include, detachable fur, buckled, notched, and basic. Lastly, the coats also feature various types and styles of cuffs that include, open hem, and rolled back.

The Shearling: Color

Fur and Shearling can be said as the essence of a winter coat, having a dual-tone coat features base being different and the fur lining being different. The main colors that are widely used are black, brown, tan, white, and distressed. Just like Furlong Brown Leather Coat, it features brown suede leather along with a unique touch of brown fur which gives it a monochromatic look along with a touch of chic style.

Styling Tips For Black Fur & Shearling Coats For Men

When it comes to styling a winter coat, it’s child play. You can style the classic winter coat with almost anything. Style the men’s black fur coat with a white full-sleeved t-shirt, black jeans, and black suede boots, this stylish ensemble can help you make a bold statement. For brown fur & shearling coats, you can style them with a black t-shirt along with distressed denim jeans and brown suede boots. Styling can also be enhanced by matching the color of shearling along with your bottoms. You can style Francis B-3 Black & White Leather Bomber Jacket with an all-black outfit and let the white faux fur lining highlight your overall ensemble and help you make a bold statement.

Custom Fur & Shearling Coat

Customization can be said as another factor of creative minds. Customization not only relies upon tailoring a coat, it also includes fancy artworks, dual-tone zippers, cuff replacement, and more. The Jacket Maker offers a bespoke process that includes any customization you want. From Made to Measure to fancy embroidery, we have got you covered to help you make a cool ghetto and artsy finished fur & shearling coat.