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Distressed Leather Biker Jackets For Men

When we talk about leather jackets for men, the only thing that comes to mind is a leather biker jacket with hefty waist belts, shoulder epaulets, and a notched collar. The distressed leather biker jacket is something that has the ability to give a vintage-inspired look when paired with the right set of outfits. The distressed biker jacket is available in two variances that include a cafe racer jacket and a double rider jacket. The two differ in their styles, cafe racers being subtle and classy whereas double riders being hefty and ponderous.

Material of Distressed Leather Biker Jacket

The distressed leather jacket at The Jacket Maker is made from the finest quality leather that has the tendency to last for over decades without any wear, tear, or peel. This makes the jacket more durable and easy to maintain. Full-grain leather is the topmost quality leather that gives a specific luxe appearance. The leather used in making the leather jacket for men is of either cowhide, goat or sheepskin. The goatskin leather jacket men are one that carries most style within due to its toughness and durability that comes from the thicker gauge of the leather jacket. When it comes to the finish, distressed leather comes in either of two finishes, burnished or aged. The two differ in their overall appearance. Distressed leather biker jackets are a timeless classic that gives a vintage persona when styled casually.

Color Variations of Distressed Biker Jacket

The distressed biker jacket at The Jacket Maker is available in various color options that make you choose the right men’s leather jacket that fits perfectly with your personality. When it comes to the classic yet sassy vibe, a black leather biker jacket is the one for you, being the pioneer when it comes to colors. Black is a universal color when it comes to styling and fashion as it can be paired with any other color quite easily. When it comes to more earthy tones, a brown distressed leather jacket can easily make you achieve a luxe yet a classy sense of style when paired with the right set of outfits, hence exuding your overall ensemble in the limelight. Apart from the basics, distressed leather biker jackets are also available in vibrant shades that include burgundy distressed biker jackets, maroon leather biker jackets, and blue leather biker jackets

What Does a Leather Biker Jacket Symbolize?

The leather biker jackets symbolize a certain group of bikers that used to wear the jacket along with an embroidered or printed logo. Back in time, the biker leather jacket gained popularity by these biker gangs who used to have funky artworks embroidered on the back of their jackets. With time, leather biker jackets became a popular sensation for the casual street style, hence becoming a fashion statement for bold and sassy outerwear, nowadays, there may be some who find a leather jacket with hood under the biker jacket style.

Custom Distressed Biker Leather Jacket

When it comes to opting for a leather jacket or a suede jacket, be it a biker jacket, aviator jacket, bomber jacket or even a leather winter coat size is the main thing that needs to be on point. A leather jacket needs to fit you like a glove. The Jacket Maker allows you 8 regular sizes that help you find the perfect jacket for you, if you think that a regular size wouldn’t fit you well, you can always opt for a custom made-to-measure leather biker jacket tailored right at your fit. Alongside, if you want to get your leather biker jacket embroidered or printed or want to design your own jacket you can easily contact our support team and they will guide you through everything in accordance with your sense of style.