Distressed Bomber Jacket for Men - 100% Real Leather

A bomber jacket is everyone’s cup of tea; the apparel is timeless and appeals to men because of its understated and classic style. You can find men rocking distressed bomber jackets on fashion runways as well as on the streets. Tone down a look by pairing a distressed bomber jacket with subdued colors or take it up a notch by creating a flamboyant and ravishing look using bright, neon tints.

There are many styles and colors of distressed bombers - the range is spectacular and allows men to experiment without feeling out of zone. The variety is credited to the use of different fabrics and materials. From synthetic fabrics to vintage finish, bomber jackets are easy in terms of maintenance.

For example, bombers are produced using lighter and synthetic material like Nylon to produce everyday bomber jackets. Each fabric is used according to the demand and supply to enhance the versatility of the jacket.

Men can add a distressed bomber jacket to their capsule wardrobe as it helps to create a variety of outfits. The fitting, however, is something that you need to be mindful of. Create a rugged and vintage style with a distressed bomber jacket.

Finding the Right Fit

Distressed jackets are for those who want to add a more serious look to their personality and the perfect fitting would add exquisite value. Crafting a men’s leather bomber jacket is a lengthy process so the fitting should be accurate.

Ditch the trial room shenanigans by using our bespoke service! The Jacket Maker empowers its customers by providing custom bomber jackets that are made just for them. The process is simple to understand and takes very little time. You must first fill out the order form with whatever information you possess. Once the custom order request is made, you’ll receive a free design consultancy. You can confirm the order form once you’re satisfied with the illustrations and pricing. After you approve the design, the order is dispatched.

The information mandated for the bespoke process includes the measurements of your shoulders, arms, chest, and waistline. For the distressed jacket to rest seamlessly on your shoulders, ensure the measurements are accurate and latest. The jacket should be tight but it must not cling to your body.

How to Wear a Distressed Bomber Jacket For Men?

Men’s black distressed bomber jackets are a class of their own. This effortlessly stylish outerwear has been a rage since forever but has recently gained popularity amongst the millennial generation. This style of bomber exudes power and complements personalities that are commanding and authoritative.

Styling a men’s distressed leather bomber jacket is a breeze; you can pair it with a basic white t-shirt and a black denim jeans if the plan is to dress up for a casual day out with friends. This quintessential stylen is for everyone; don’t forget to wear Chelsea boots with it, though!

What Colors Go With A Distressed Leather Jacket?

Men’s distressed bomber jackets are made for casual settings by default. Their complexion and color complement multiple personality types and overall looks. You can wear a brown bomber jacket for men with grey, white or black colored t-shirts or full-sleeve sweaters and v-neck shirts. Think of all the ways you’d pair a men’s black bomber jacket or a men’s suede bomber jacket and follow suit.