Distressed Fur & Shearling Leather Jackets for Men - 100% Real Leather

Men’s leather jackets, as we know them today, have been around for a long time. You can go three decades back and still recognize a leather bomber jacket with ease. Additionally, this extensive history, combined with the unmatched durability of leather, means that it is possible to find the same decades-old bomber jacket today in perfectly usable condition. The only issue is that actual vintage leather jackets cost significantly more than new ones. So, how can you enjoy the looks of an aged leather jacket without putting a massive dent in your bank account? Well, the men’s distressed fur & shearling jackets in our catalog are a perfect solution for that. These distressed winter jackets for men exude the same vibe as real decades-old jackets without any of their downsides. They give you a chance to rock a warm and cozy leather jacket while also distinguishing your outfits from a crowd covered in leather. Even if you don’t care about their distressed looks, the cold protection of these men’s shearling coats alone is enough to make them a must-have for most folks. Not to mention the fur lining on their collars that will keep them comfy and soft even in the blistering cold.

Ways to Style Men’s Distressed Fur & Shearling Jacket

The journey of styling men’s distressed shearling jackets begins with a decision; do you want to emphasize its “age” or not? Say your answer to this question is yes. In that case, surround the jacket with clean, solid colored cloths that have plain textures and zero patterns. This lack of detail in the rest of the outfit will put further emphasis on the distress marks of men’s shearling bomber jackets – increasing their vintage appeal even further. This type of outfit is especially effective against large distressed jackets like the men’s leather trench coat due to their increased surface area and dominance in the outfit. On the other hand, assume that your answer to that question is no. The right outfits for a distressed black faux fur jacket, in this situation, include a lot of unique textures and distinctive patterns to blend everything together. A fine example of such an outfit will start with a pair of ripped blue jeans worn under a printed black t-shirt and over a pair of black combat boots. Now top it all off with a distressed biker leather jacket, and you’re ready to rock. Alternatively, you can wear the same jacket over a maroon flannel with charcoal men’s corduroy pants and black leather shoes underneath. If you’re more concerned about staying warm while also looking dandy, then layer up your distressed shearling aviator jacket with other warm clothes. Examples of this include wearing a woolen sweater over a button-up or a thin sleeveless leather vest between the distressed leather shearling jacket and a V-neck t-shirt. If wearing jackets under jackets isn’t your jam, then invest in a distressed leather trench coat. You can wear that over regular leather jackets, and the resulting outfit would look fantastic.

Men’s Distressed Fur & Shearling Jacket Customizability

Investing in a distressed fur & shearling jacket can be a massive boost to your existing outfit. If you are looking for a distressed black or brown faux fur jacket of the highest quality, then check out the numerous options in our pre-designed catalog. However, these existing designs are only the tip of the iceberg, as we also offer a custom jacket-making service as well. In other words, you just have to tell us about the exact jacket you want, and our expert craftsmen will make it for you by hand.