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Men’s Vintage Distressed Leather Jackets

Vintage has always inspired many when it comes to fashion. Vintage seems worn out but in reality, men’s vintage distressed leather jackets are inspired by old heritages and cultures. The vintage-inspired look is highly fashionable when it comes to appearance. The jackets portray a classic look when paired with the right outfit.


Men’s Vintage Distressed Leather jackets are made out of real leather. Leather can be of goat, sheep, or cow depending upon what you choose. It also features various finishes that include distressed, snuffed, or burnishing. The distressed finish is mandatory when it comes to a vintage-inspired leather jacket as the finish gives off a historic appearance.


Various colors of vintage distressed leather jackets are available at The Jacket Maker, the main colors include, black, brown, and green. The black distressed leather jackets are easily styled and are worn by many. Due to the distressed finish of the jacket, the historic look is highlighted beautifully.

How to Soften distressed vintage leather jackets?

There are more than many ways in which you can easily soften vintage-inspired leather. Aged leather is sometimes rigid and therefore uncomfortable, and in order to prevent the leather from cracking, you can use dedicated leather conditioners and wax to moisturize the leather.

Features in Distressed Vintage Leather Jackets

The Vintage leather jackets have various features in accordance with the style of the jacket. It can be a biker, bomber, aviator or winter jacket. The jackets feature all types of collars which include, notched, a band with snap button, and fur-lined. The cuffs can be ribbed, open hem, or zippered so is the closure style in every jacket.

How to Style a Vintage Distressed Leather Jacket

Vintage distressed leather jackets are stylish and fashionable in every way possible. The Gatsby Distressed Brown Leather Jacket is a unique example of a very authentic vintage-style jacket from The Jacket Maker, you can style this beauty in various ways. An all-black outfit under this classic item would highlight the overall ensemble as well as your personality. Another example can be Fernando Quilted Distressed Brown Leather Biker Jacket, this quilted jacket can keep you warm as well as stylish, you can style this piece with a plain white t-shirt, denim jeans, and your everyday sneaker, and you’re all set to rock the show.

Custom Vintage Distressed Leather Jackets

Customization is a very unique service that is not provided by many, but at The Jacket Maker you have full access to customization, either you want it to fit you like a glove or you want your name embroidered at the back of the jacket, we have got you covered. If you want an Armand Distressed Brown Leather Biker Jacket but in sheepskin leather, The Jacket Maker can make that happen easily.