Green Winter Jackets for Men - Nylon Polyester Jackets

Choosing the right winter jacket is important; it lasts you for years to come and helps you stay warm through its insulation properties. Although looks can be deceiving, one cannot deny the importance of a sophisticated jacket that meets your personal style. Sometimes, a puffy jacket may seem like the right choice but if it isn’t made with the right type of fabric, it can fail to offer you protection from harsh winds and chilly weather conditions. The Jacket Maker is one such company that takes care of everything; from style to comfort and the silhouettes, everything is taken care of!

Men’s Winter Leather Jacket: Fabric and Lining

The Jacket Maker has plenty of leather jackets for men to choose from. From a simple bomber jacket to a bomber jacket with hood and even a cool windbreaker jacket, you can get winter jackets as per your preference and style. The outer shell of the jackets are made of Nylon with some sleeves made of knitted fabric. The materials used for the production of these jackets are water-resistant and highly flexible. Our men’s green jacket collection is touted as the most experimental one yet! It has high insulation properties; the puff is not there for the look, it actually protects the air from penetrating.

The inner shell of the men’s winter leather jackets are composed of viscose and quilted polyester lining. There is also a waist adjustment fabric and suede trims at the collar and waist pockets. The garment is closed using varsity and a zipper style which is available with and without a wind flap. The collar style is exceptional and offers versatility as you will find jackets with band, knit rib with removable nylon hood, high neck with hood, and some with elastic cuffs.

Men’s Green Winter Jackets and It’s Designs

Our specialized craftsmen pay special attention to the collar as it is one aspect of the jacket that protects the neck from harsh winds and extreme weather conditions. From the styling point of view, collars are responsible for structuring your face and giving it a flattering shape. And as for the cuffs, the rib knit style is used; ensuring warmth and protection to hands. The average number of pockets in our green winter jackets is four; two outside and two inside.

The work of our craftsmen is exquisite as every winter jacket is given a specific accent; giving them a cosmopolitan style. Whether you’re looking for a distressed and dandy jacket or a jacket with a rustic and contemporary vibe, you will have an option to choose from! The stitching, trimming and the furnishing of the jacket is nailed down to perfection with fashion forward embellishments and thread work. The patchwork and the use of hardware is superlative and dealt with extreme delicacy. The green winter jacket for men’s wardrobe can be used in creating monochromatic as well as a grunge and geometric style using black.

How You Can Style Green Winter Jackets?

Green is amongst the earthy tones which automatically adds to its sophistication and class. At The Jacket Maker, you can opt for made-to-measure, ready-to-wear and bespoke services. You can easily use a green jacket for men’s styling as it won’t be as difficult as styling a men’s blue winter jacket. And unlike a black winter jacket or a brown winter, this color can give you a military look. The color of these winter jackets is such that one can go for a classy and laid-back look, and at the same time, aim for a completely funky and boisterous style.