Grey Wool Coats and Jackets for Men - The Jacket Maker

The Jacket Maker has a collection of men’s grey wool coats and jackets that are great for layering over sweaters and turtlenecks. Make use of the raging trend i.e., the long wool coats to create outfits that are elegant and timeless. The collection of grey wool coats and jackets for the men’s collection is made from the finest materials and is fashion forward in regards to its accent and design.

Material and Intricacies of Men’s Grey Wool Coats and Jackets

The wool coats and jackets for men are made from synthetic wool. These long coats also have polyester lining, viscose lining and quilted viscose lining which are highly functional and breathable. On one hand, polyester lining shows resistance to chemicals with good water absorption, while on the other, quilted viscose lining accepts dyes easily and helps with vivid coloring. Customers are recommended to choose lining based on their requirements and expectations.

Grey Wool Coats for Men — Design & Structure

From the accent of the coats to the properties and features, every long coat stands out because of its individuality and look. Some wool coats for men have a button closure while others have toggle buttons with placket and zipper. Each and every coat is exquisitely designed with meticulous attention to detail.

You can find a notch style collar along with one that is shirt-like with a removable hood. The cuffs styling is available in open hem, with and without a strap. Some coats and jackets have shoulder epaulettes; that accentuates the length of the neck and adds to the build of the wearer. This military-style padding is eye-striking and beautifully done.

As for the storage, the grey wool coats have up to five pockets; divided into outside and inside pockets. The designs and structure of these coats is cosmopolitan and quite conventional in approach.

Grey Wool Jackets — Color Variations & Custom Outerwear

The color grey stands for neutrality and balance. By adorning coats in grey, you bring that element to your mood that day. A color that looks gorgeous in winter and fall, grey wool coats and jackets are available in various styles and designs at The Jacket Maker. If you want to go for something else, you can go for brown, black, khaki and blue; pleasantly vibrant colors and tones. Grey is atypical and contemporary at the same time; great for creating monochromatic outfits.

Our bespoke and custom services are exceptional and the talk of the town for a reason. Whether you want specific metallics and hardware on the coats or personalized artwork added to your outerwear, our service providers are ready to deliver exactly what you want and deserve. Whether you’re a big and tall person or someone with a petite frame, at The Jacket Maker, we cater the men’s wool jackets and coats to everyone with an elegant sense of style.

How to Style Grey Wool Coats and Jackets?

It’s fairly easy to style grey wool coats and jackets. You can go for a casual look by wearing a grey wool coat with a graphic tee and black jeans. Use Petrillo Grey Wool Single Breasted Coat for a smart and semi-formal outfit by pairing it with a knee-length pleated dress and ankle boots or looks that seem feminine for a men’s coat.

Wool Coats & Jackets: Vintage or Not?

At The Jacket Maker, you may find designs that are fashion forward and contemporary; however, you may place a custom order for a vintage design to satisfy your inner dapper gent. You may also customize labels, embroidery or even certain types of cuts. Our campaigns always try to deliver the best outerwear at reasonable prices.