Maroon Cafe Racer for Men - 100% Real Leather

Cafe racer jackets are considered an all-time favorite when it comes to styling outerwear due to their unique appearance. Men’s maroon cafe racer jackets are stylish to say the least, in every way possible.

Maroon Cafe Racer (Material)

The men’s maroon cafe racer jackets are made of real leather at The Jacket Maker. The most common types of leather used in manufacturing the men’s maroon cafe racer jackets are goatskin, cowhide, sheepskin and calfskin. Made of full grain real leather, these jackets provide extreme durability which keeps them from cracking and peeling. The Cafe Racer style jackets can last for decades if kept and maintained properly.

Men’s Maroon Cafe Racer Jackets (Colors)

The men’s maroon cafe racer jackets are a cool item that can add style and function to your wardrobe. your wardrobe. It is essential to use the right shade,as too bright a tone can refine or ruin the whole look of the outfit. The best way to avoid ruining your ensemble is by opting for the men’s maroon cafe racer leather jacket. The cafe racer leather jackets are not only limited to maroon at The Jacket Maker, they are also available in black, blue, brown, tan, red and green. These jackets may be helpful in achieving the ultimate overall outfit which can help you to rock your everyday spring look.

Maroon Cafe Racer Jackets For Men (Features)

The maroon cafe racer jackets contain various features within themselves, which help in providing ultimate comfort along with functionality. If we look at the Urbane Quilted Maroon Leather Biker Jacket, the jacket is made of real sheepskin leather to provide warmth along with lesser weight to the jacket. Other features of these jackets include quilted viscose lining, band with snap button collar and open hem cuffs, and zippered closure style which provide insulation against the chilly winds.

Which Leather Finishes Do We Offer in the Maroon Cafe Racer Style Jackets?

Leather finish is a very important factor to look at while buying leather jackets, the leather finish is the first thing anyone notices when seeing someone in a leather jacket. The Jacket Maker provides various finishes when it comes to maroon cafe racer jackets, the main ones are distressed, semi-aniline and pull-up finishes.

How To Style a Maroon Cafe Racer Jacket?

There are many ways in which you can style your maroon cafe racer jackets. You can pair these stylish jackets with an all-white outfit and white sneakers and let the jackets highlight your overall attire. Another way you can achieve a more casual look is by pairing this maroon jacket with a lighter colored plain t-shirt along with ripped denim jeans and your everyday sneakers, this way you can achieve a casual yet modern look. Lastly, you can pair your maroon leather jacket with an all-black outfit if you look forward to bold or edgier looks. In order to style a Burgundy Maroon Leather Biker Jacket, you can easily pair this piece with a plain white t-shirt and black cotton jeans along with a black sneaker, and you’re all set with the ensemble.

Customize Your Maroon Cafe Racer Jacket

Customization is a key element when it comes to having the perfect fit. The Jacket Maker’s custom leather jackets service allows you to have the perfect sizing with the help of a made to measure procedure. Along with this, you can also have your maroon cafe leather jacket made by using a bespoke process.This enables you to create your jacket from scratch. Adding embroidery, printing or funky artwork to personalize your jacket.