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Vintage Leather Jackets in UK

Nothing brings the sophistication of the old and the style of the new together, quite like the vintage-inspired, leather jacket. Leather jackets, in general, are a massive part of men’s everyday fashion. Adding an inspired vintage-element drawn from original vintage pieces that are truly iconic. Taking this trending style to a whole new level. The rising popularity of these classic men’s jackets is a clear indication of the future fashion movement, making it a wise decision to get in on the trend that is timeless. Unlike other vintage-inspired clothing items, the vintage-inspired men’s jackets carrying influences from the past, are not just for folks who are fans of old-school apparel. The modern iterations of the classic designs strike the perfect balance between the old and the new. Radiating energy of a decades-old style, while fitting smoothly with contemporary apparel aesthetics.

Classic colours For Vintage Leather Bomber Jacket

One of the best ways to recognize vintage leather bomber jacket is by their unique color and worn-out-looking, distressed finishes. In terms of color variety, there are quite a few colors available, such as electric blues and vivid reds. Popular colors back then. However, what these vintage jackets carry, aside from color and finishing, is the quality and craftsmanship that are in a league of their own. Let’s look at them one by one.

Back to Black in Vintage Leather Jackets

Black is known to be the most popular color of any piece of clothing. So, it comes as a surprise to no one that it was an incredibly widespread leather jacket color range in the old days as well. Especially the black leather jackets that carry not just inspired vintage elements but a bit of retro that were all the rage a couple of decades ago. While the other colors of men’s vintage inspired jackets have excellent compatibility, there will be outfits that won’t fit with them, no matter what you try. Not the case with the black vintage jackets inspired by yesteryear.

Brown is The New Black in Vintage Leather Bomber Jacket

Brown, being the natural color of many types of leather, is also among the top colors of vintage leather bomber jackets. It has the compatibility of the black alternatives while also having a bit more personality than jet black. Vintage-themed brown leather jackets are some of the most attractive jackets a man can own and it is easy to see why. They demand attention and make you stand out from the crowd while maintaining a classy vibe.

Distressed Finish Vintage Leather Jacket in UK

Most people firmly associate inspired vintage leather jackets with distressed leather jackets, and many don’t even know the difference between the two. This public perception is understandable, as pieces of outerwear like the brown bomber jackets often look like they were passed down directly from a World War II fighter pilot. However, having said that; distressed finishes are indeed one way of replicating an iconic element from original vintage pieces. While actual vintage leather jackets would have a distinctive patina due to aging, certain modern leather finishes sometimes give a similar look. Applied to natural or earthy colors, adds a more realistic look to inspired vintage leather jackets for men.

What do you Wear with a Vintage-inspired Leather Jacket?

As great as they are, inspired vintage leather jackets can appear a bit tricky to incorporate into outfits. People and especially newcomers are overwhelmed by the aesthetics of these leather jackets and struggle to find the perfect match for them. However, the reality is not nearly as complicated as it looks. The first thing you’d have to do is not to be intimidated by the vintage vibes of these jackets. Once you look past that, you’ll quickly find yourself with a jacket that offers countless possibilities when it comes to fashion. Although there are many outfit ideas that you can try out, two are of the utmost prominence. First is their use in a dressy, creative business setting. The posh and luxurious feel of these classic jackets allows them to fit right in with clean-lined, semi-formal workwear looks. Especially the distressed bomber jackets, as they work remarkably well with button-down shirts and fancy ties. The other one is the contemporary urban look, which relies on the contrast created by pairing an aged-looking jacket with the cutting-edge fashion trends of the times. An excellent example of this style in action would be a combination of our signature biker jackets, a pair of blue slim-fit jeans, and stylish leather sneakers. An honorable mention goes to the style that showcases the vintage jackets as the focal point of the whole outfit. This is achieved by wearing plain dark-colored and often jet black clothes so that the jacket stands out and gets a chance to showcase its beauty in greater detail.

Custom Vintage Leather Jackets

In addition to our astounding catalog of vintage-themed leather jackets, from vintage bombers to vintage racer jackets, The Jacket Maker also offers a custom vintage jackets service. By utilizing this facility, you can obtain a leather jacket that is custom built to your specific requirements. You can make large changes like the type of leather used in the jacket’s construction, all the way to small details like the type of pockets to be used, artwork, finishes or hardware. So, head on over to our custom vintage jackets page today and create the jacket of your dreams.