Ankle Boots For Men

Leather shoes for men serve as a great base for any outfit. In fact, a lot of men curate their outfits based on the style of shoes they’re going to wear. Men’s ankle boots are one of the most popular styles of shoes that are essential for creating distinctive looks. Being supremely versatile and classy, they can be used to create casual or smart casual outfits without putting much effort. At The Jacket Maker, ankle boots for men are available in various designs – from the seamless slip-on style to the more dressy lace-up design, you will find wide variations of men’s ankle boots.

Depending on style and preference, short or high-ankle boots for men are purchased. You can find preppy leather shoes for men, like loafers and derby shoes, as well as vintage ankle boots for men to suit their needs for rugged style. Continue to learn more about men’s leather dress shoes and boots offered by The Jacket Maker.

What Are Ankle Boots For Men?

It is not difficult to define what ankle boots for men are. Like any other type of men’s leather boots, they are made from naturally milled leather to provide a soft interior. They have a premium hand-sanded leather outsole and a soft cowhide upper leather surface. With the Eva insole bedding, you get a cushioned footing that ensures additional comfort. Apart from that, the men’s leather boots made by The Jacket Maker have a high-quality Blake stitch construction and leather stacked heels partially capped with rubber. Some of the men’s leather boots have a lace-up design while others have a slip-on style. This was all for the design of these ankle or short boots for men.

We have much variety to offer in terms of finishing style and colors as well. Therefore, you can get men’s half-boots with different finishes that provide them with a distinct look. For instance, you have men’s ankle boots with suede, nubuck, oil pull-up, and aniline finishing styles. As for the colors, there are various tones of brown, blue, and black available. Thus, opt for these boots as men’s casual leather shoes and look put together at all times.

Types of Ankle Boots

Derby Boots

Men’s derby shoes are lace-up boots that give you an immaculate style and elegance. We offer derby boots with suede, oil pull-up, and aniline finish. The open-lace style has rust-proof eyelets that allow you to maneuver poly-cotton laces seamlessly.

Brogued Derby Boots

Brogued derby boots are sometimes used as alternatives for men’s oxford shoes for a formal look. They’re available in different colors and undertones thanks to the different finishing styles that ensure a distinct look – you’ve got suede, nubuck, oil pull-up, and aniline. The hand-sanded outsole is sleek and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Chelsea Boots

Leather Chelsea boots for men are ankle boots for men offered by the Jacket Maker. These are slip-on leather boots for men that you can get in and out of seamlessly. They’re available in five colors, each with a distinct finish that makes it water-repellent. The interior is Blake-stitched and made from naturally milled leather that adds breathability.

Men’s Lace Up Boots

Men’s lace-up boots are also considered ankle boots. If you’re looking for high-quality men’s ankle boots with an open lace style, you will find a wide range at The Jacket Maker. If you’re interested in something formal, you can’t go wrong with brogued derby boots. At the same time, put your best casual foot forward with Chelsea leather boots.

Men’s Wingtip Boots

Men’s wingtip boots are as classy as it gets. There are different toe styles of footwear that add a distinct look and bring formality to them. For instance, you have plain toe, almond toe, and other toe styles. We have brogued derby boots with wingtip toe style and brogue detailing adds a touch of gold to these boots – ready for you to flaunt your best outfit.

Men’s Suede Boots

Men’s suede boots are essential for a men’s capsule wardrobe. When it comes to ankle boots for men, there are various colors available. Suede is soft and fuzzy which is ironic because it brings such a formal look to your attire. You can find suede leather ankle boots in different colors ranging from different undertones of brown to black and even electric blue.


What Is The Difference Between Short Boots And Ankle Boots?

There isn’t much difference between ankle and short boots for men, except for their length – pretty self-explanatory. Thus, derby and Chelsea boots will fall in the category of ankle boots whereas chukka boots are men’s half boots or short boots – they are below the ankle.

When Should Men Wear Ankle Boots?

Ankle boots are extremely versatile, classy, and stylish. They are great as semi-formal or business casual attire. Thus, if you have plans to attend a business meeting to grab a quick bite with friends, you can’t go wrong with men’s black leather boots with jeans or even tailored pants.

What Is A Leather Shoe Similar To An Ankle-High Boot Called?

There are different types of boots for men. Some of the short boots for men are called derby boots, Chelsea boots, brogue derby boots, etc.

Are Ankle Boots Comfortable For Walking?

Yes, men’s brown leather boots are generally comfortable for walking. This is because of the EVA insole bedding that cushions your feet. Moreover, the interior is made from naturally milled leather which makes it even more soft and supple.


Men’s ankle boots offered by The Jacket Maker are of high quality and easily available at affordable prices. Should you seek comfort with variety and style, check out our incredibly large collection of ankle boots for men – you will find derby boots, Chelsea boots, and other brogues boots in different colors, finishes, and designs. Pair them with rugged men’s leather jackets for looks that are debonair and classy for all eras and occasions.