Men's Derby Shoes

Considered to be one of the most versatile and comfortable footwear of all time, derby shoes come in different toe styles; plain toe to almond, wingtip, and sometimes even medallion. Easy to dress up or dress down, men’s derby shoes can camouflage to become whatever dress code you want to match. Derby shoes for men are basically that one shoe style that never goes out of style, and by default, never redundant or obsolete.

The Jacket Maker has a large collection of leather shoes for men, and leather derby shoes are simply one of them. Whether you want casual derby shoes or formal derby shoes, you will find something to suit your needs; and that too, at an affordable price. Being so versatile, comfortable, and classy, derby shoes are men’s favorite footwear.

Men’s Derby Shoes – Design & Function

The Jacket Maker has a wide range of derby shoes for men – from cowhide leather derby shoes to suede or nubuck leather derby shoes, there’s a plethora of options readily accessible. Whether you want black derby shoes to style with matching black jeans and a white collared shirt or men’s suede derby shoes to rock with your beige blazer and tailored pants, you can rest assured that the derby shoes will be of high quality, lightweight, and supremely comfortable.

Derby shoes for men imbibe traditional design with high functionality and a fashion-forward aesthetic. The premium Blake stitch makes the footwear lightweight and flexible. The casual derby shoes have a naturally milled soft cowhide interior that keeps them soft and comfortable. In addition, the outsole of the shoe is hand-sanded to make it look sleek, stunning, and without an err. The Eva insole bedding cushions the shoe, providing support and comfort as you walk. Of course, the leather stacked heel is partially capped with rubber, helping you make your presence sound and clear.

Whether you want leather derby shoes with nubuck lining or men’s suede derby shoes in brown, maroon, or even blue, this brand is your one-stop solution for all things fashion and aesthetics. Derby shoes are leather dress shoes that can easily transform into men’s casual leather shoes with a slight change in attire – you simply need to dress up or down, aiding in dress code adjustment. The open-lace style is enhanced with a wingtip toe style, some available even with brogue detailing. The poly-cotton waxed laces seamlessly maneuver the rust-proof eyelets. There’s absolutely no reason for you to not invest in derby shoes for men.

Derby Boots – If You Are Tired Of Wearing Shoes

If you want to explore more options within the realm of derby shoe design, should we interest you with derby boots? Men have long been wearing leather boots – history reveals all the best revolutionary inventions and action-driven ideas have been proposed by men in boots meanwhile the men in shoes have simply debated in meeting rooms. Men’s leather boots are comfortable footwear that are constructed with durable materials exhibiting high-quality craftsmanship.

We offer a wide range of Derby leather boots that are great alternatives should you want to try out something new and different. Of course, you do have the option of choosing leather Chelsea boots for men, but they are the slip-on style as opposed to the open-lace style that derby boots possess. In fact, one can argue that derby boots are great alternatives for many shoes.

For instance, when you think of business casual attire, you come up with men’s leather loafers instantaneously. But rest assured that derby boots can easily take their place, they offer you the comfort of men’s leather sneakers while maintaining the classic effect of loafers. However, you can’t use derby boots as an alternative to men’s Oxford shoes (something derby shoes can) – the formality of the clean, close-laced wingtip design of Oxford shoes is unmatched by derby boots.

FAQs - Derby Shoes For Men

What Are Derby Shoes?

Derby shoes are men’s leather dress shoes with an open lace design. They’re available in various toe styles, ranging from almond to wingtip and even plain and medallion styles. They’re semi-formal footwear that can easily be dressed up and down to make formal or casual footwear options.

Which Is Better Derby Or Oxford Shoes?

It depends on the occasion and dress code. For formal wear, nothing beats Oxford shoes whereas Derby shoes are an exceptional choice for semi-formal or business casual attire.

Can You Wear Derby Shoes Everyday?

Yes, you can wear Derby shoes every day – they’re highly comfortable and made from durable materials.

Are Derby Shoes Formal Or Casual?

Derby shoes are semi-formal shoes. However, with the right dressing, they can become formal or casual.

Can Derby Shoes Be Worn With Jeans?

Yes, you can wear derby shoes with jeans. But that doesn’t limit it – you can also match your brown or black derby shoes with beige tailored pants. The fashion-forward design makes it versatile and classic.

Are Derby Shoes Good For Winter?

Yes, derby shoes are good for winter – but Derby boots are even better.


Men’s derby shoes are highly comfortable shoes made from durable material extending their life to provide you with complete payback for the investment. Our collection has multiple finishing styles, so every derby shoe is unique in character with a solid foundation – real leather. With time and use, our collection of derby shoes for men, just like our exquisite collection of men’s leather jackets and leather bags, develops a patina which is a beautiful color on the surface of the leather to make it look vintage and antique.