Suede Shoes For Men

We’ve seen several fashion trends come and go in the recent past – while some survive the wave, others quickly diminish and fail to resonate with a wider audience, promising a redemption arc sooner or later. Suede shoes are a big question mark for men who love fashion. Despite having a stylish look and distinct features, suede shoes have never entirely replaced other shoes. It can be articulated that suede shoes have indie support that keeps them thriving in the world of footwear dominated by sneakers and Oxford shoes.

Why? Because suede is a material with a texture that is smooth, soft, and sophisticated in appearance; it is not a design. It can be styled with a formal attire or used to give a business casual look to a casual outfit. In this guide, we’ll discuss the various types of suede shoes for men – different in design and their eclectic usage.

Types Of Suede Shoes For Men

If you’re curating a wardrobe capsule for the next season, allow us to remind you of the significance of including suede shoes. Not only are they one of the most versatile, but also incredibly classy and stylish. Suede shoes for men can be paired with men’s leather jackets that are rugged with cosmopolitan silhouettes. There’s so much variety when it comes to suede shoes – you have both suede dress shoes and suede casual shoes in different styles and designs. Check them out!

Men’s Leather Dress Shoes

Men’s leather dress shoes with a suede finish are the ones that you can wear to a formal occasion. Suede dress shoes should have a neat and put-together design with high-quality construction and stitching. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in the leather shoes for men below:

Men’s Derby Shoes

Men’s derby shoes are an extremely popular choice for formal footwear. A design having an open-lace system with poly-cotton laces and rust-proof eyelets. Derby shoes are available in hand-punched brogue detailing as well as without one. Suede men’s shoes in derby style have an outsole, insole, midsole, and upper sole Blake-stitched together. This collection of derby shoes comes in different finishing styles with suede being one of them. If you’re looking for a new pair of shoes to wear in the coming winter season, we highly recommend buying men’s suede shoes in black.

Men’s Oxford Shoes

There are no other types of shoes more formal than an elegant pair of men’s Oxford shoes. Constructed with the highest grade of leather and given the immaculate Blake stitching, suede shoes in Oxford design have a closed lacing system. The moccasin construction makes the footwear traditional, classy, and versatile. You can find brown suede shoes in Oxford design with brogue detailing that adds to their value and aesthetic.

Men’s Wingtip Boots

Suede shoes are further divided by their toe styles – each toe style is distinct and gives a unique look to the footwear and your overall attire and presentation. Men’s wingtip boots are incredibly bold, classy, and sophisticated. Find suede men’s shoes in wingtip design – the name is credited to their toes that stretch like a wing. Get yourselves brown suede shoes or black suede shoes in a wingtip design at an affordable price to look stylish and put-together at any formal gathering.

Men’s Casual Leather Shoes

If you want men’s casual leather shoes, we suggest you take a look at our offerings below. We have casual blue suede shoes in different styles and colors.

Men’s Leather Sneakers

Sneakers are men’s favorite casual shoes due to the comfort and sleek look they ensure. We have two different types of men’s leather sneakers with a suede finish – low-top and high-top sneakers. Having suede shoes that go with straight jeans and tailored pants alike is hard to let go of. Hence, we recommend you buy the gorgeous brown suede shoes in sneaker style for your next adventure.

Men’s Chukka Boots

Our suede shoes have included chukka boots in the collection. Should you decide to go hiking or simply want to put your best foot forward for a date this week, men’s chukka boots should have your eyes. We suggest you go for our sleek blue suede shoes that will be your first choice for attending a concert or any other sporty event. You can also get suede men’s shoes in brown – a color that goes with anything and everything since the color blue can sometimes be limiting.

Men’s Ankle Boots

People who usually wear suede men’s shoes change it up and go for suede men’s ankle boots sometimes. These boots give them an elevated sense of style; something that is comfortable and classy at the same time. Here are some ankle boots that have a suede finish to give you both requirements in one.

Leather Chelsea Boots For Men

Leather Chelsea boots for men come in suede finishing. We have a vast range of ankle boots that ensure comfort and class as its top priority. You can buy leather Chelsea boots with a suede finish in several colors – or seek our custom option for more personalized shoes. If you want to retain a classy and sophisticated look but play a little with the design, opting for our men’s suede shoes in black is the way to go.

Men’s Lace-Up Boots

Men’s leather boots come in a variety of styles – low-top, heeled, ankle boots, low-cut, lace-up, etc. If you want to wear boots to a formal event, men’s lace-up boots are your best option. Get blue suede shoes in lace-up boots style for a corporate event; to give you a relaxing and comfortable feeling all day long while you go about your day looking fantastic and fresh. Of course, men’s suede shoes in black are the ultimate option for guys who like to keep their style understated. But it’s never wrong to experiment with colors and go out of your comfort zone every once in a while.

Colored Suede Shoes for Men

If you’re looking for the best suede shoes for the next season, you have come to the right place. We have unlimited options with black and brown being the most popular ones. Check them out!

Men’s Black Dress Shoes

Find the best suede dress shoes in black as our wide collection is versatile and has something for everyone. With black being the popular choice for every man and comfort being their number one priority, see our collection of men’s black dress shoes with a suede finish. From ankle boots to chukka boots, there are so many options to choose from.

Men’s Brown Dress Shoes

Suede men’s shoes can also be found in brown colors. Men’s brown dress shoes are classy, cosmopolitan, and extremely comfortable. We can find leather boots in brown in a variety of styles ranging from ankle boots like Chelsea boots to low-top or low-heeled boots like chukka boots.

FAQs - Suede Shoes

Can You Wear Suede Shoes All Year?

Yes, you can wear suede shoes all year long.

Is Suede Nicer Than Leather?

Suede is a type of leather and its texture is fuzzy, soft, and velvety. It depends on the type of finish you want, if you want leather with a suede finish, you can choose suede shoes. And if you want any other finishing, like cowhide aniline finish, you can go for that.

What Are The Rules For Suede Shoes?

There are no rules for suede shoes except for their maintenance and care. Make sure you have a separate brush for suede shoes to clean them regularly.

Are Suede Shoes A Good Idea?

Yes, suede shoes are a great idea. They’re trendy, fashionable, and extremely versatile.

Are Suede Shoes Still In Style?

Yes, suede shoes are always in style.


Like leather bags, we have a wide variety of suede shoes for men. We offer suede shoes in different styles – from suede dress shoes to ankle boots and casual shoes, there’s much variety and versatility. Depending on the design, style preference, and dress code, you can get suede shoes from us. And even better is the custom shoes option where you can place orders for more personalized shoes.