Men's Brogue Shoes

Would you be surprised to know that the word “brogue” translates to “shoe”? Brogue shoes have been around since the 17th Century and retained their low-heeled perforated design throughout the years – despite the massive evolution of the shoe industry. Brogue shoes are fashionable, trendy, and extremely classy by design as their features bring formality to the footwear and make any outfit a timeless creation. In fact, when we talk of formal shoes, these are some of the first men’s leather dress shoes that come to our mind.

Giving a review of its history, you’d be shocked to learn that brogue shoes were constructed and used for outdoor purposes by laborers. The holes, known as perforations, used to serve as a drainage system for the men working in wet and dirty environments. Today, of course, we see brogue shoes are the ultimate sign of class, stature, and wealth.

In this guide, we’re going to take you through the different types of men’s brogue shoes. Thus, continue reading if you want to be brogue and be informed about both the latest and timeless leather shoes for men.

Types Of Men’s Brogue Shoes

Want to learn all about a brogue shoe? You’ve come to the right place. We’re going to briefly touch upon different types of brogue shoes for men below.

Oxford Shoes

What is the one thing in common between an Oxford shoe and a brogue shoe? Well, they are both bracketed into the category of men’s dress shoes. And you know what’s even more interesting? You can get both packaged into one shoe. Men’s Oxford shoes are available with brogue design. As we said earlier, brogue designs are essentially hand-punched and properly sanded holes on the upper section of the shoe. We have a wide collection of men’s Oxford shoes with brogue detailing on top.

Derby Shoes

Derby shoes are incredible formal footwear that gives you immense comfort without debilitating its style and design. Our men’s derby shoes give you a little bit of everything – you have some derby shoes with brogue detailing while others without one. Thus, find men’s brogue shoes in Derby design as they add to the overall formality, helping you stand out and look your formal best on any important occasion.

Brown Dress Shoes

Whether you like minimalist colors or you prefer adding a pop of color to your footwear collection now and then if there’s one color of shoe that you must add to your capsule wardrobe, it has to be brown dress shoes. Brown dress shoes look incredible with a long list of colors and outfits. Regardless of the dress code, you can opt for brogue shoes for men in brown and look sophisticated. You can even opt for leather Chelsea boots for men that have brogue detailing and make them a hybrid shoe that works well for business casual settings.

Black Dress Shoes

Men’s brogue shoes showcase an element of elegance that co-exist with the color black. When you combine both features, you get a shoe that is undeniably timeless and urbane. Get yourselves a fresh pair of men’s brogue shoes in black and curated outfits with tailored pants, jeans, and even shorts you like.

Types Of Men’s Brogue Boots

When we think of brogue shoes, we often neglect that brogue is a design and can be found in boots. Thus, here is the list of men’s brogue boots that you’d tremendously like and would want to buy.

Derby Boots

Men’s derby boots are that one child in class that looks like they don’t prepare for exams but they excel every time the results are out. Why? Well, when we talk of formal footwear, boots don’t usually cut. When we speak of comfort, boot style doesn’t always live up to the word and its meaning. And yet, men’s derby boots are stylish, comfortable, and extremely classy. Thus, buy men’s brogue boots in derby design to give your wardrobe a piece that is unique, individualistic, and a personality of its own.

Men’s Lace-Up Boots

Sick of buying brogue shoes for men? Well, we give you men’s lace-up boots in brogue design. Men’s brogue boots are simple and elegant but also incredibly versatile and comfortable. The lace-up design makes it an impeccable choice for everyday outfits. Thus, find your favorite pair of men’s brogue boots in lace-up style from our collection and start rocking the street style.

Men’s Wingtip Boots

If there’s one thing in common between wingtip design and brogue design, it is that they both come from the same formal roots. Men’s wingtip boots are powerful accessories that look elegant and classy with all types of outfits. Whether you want to wear black or blue, lace-up or slip-on, men’s brogue boots in wingtip toe style are evergreen and always in fashion.

Men’s Ankle Boots

We have a spectacular collection of men’s ankle boots that are vogue and cosmopolitan. Buy a nice pair of men’s brogue boots in ankle boot style and you can elevate any look you create. Whether you wear the men’s leather boots with jeans or with tailored chino pants, this duo is here to stay – regardless of the season and dress code.

FAQs - Brogue Shoes for Men

What Is the Difference Between Oxford and Brogue Shoes?

Oxford shoe design is a style of shoes that has a closed-lace design. Brogue shoes are essentially the detailing that is done on the upper region or leather of the shoe which are of perforations or hand-punched holes.

What’s The Difference Between Wingtips and Brogues?

Brogue is essentially a perforation on the upper part of any shoe whereas wingtip is a toe style of a shoe.

Are Brogues Professional?

Brogue shoes for men are extremely professional and popular choices for a formal occasion. At the same time, we can’t say that brogue shoes wouldn’t classify as men’s casual leather shoes. They are both.

Are Brogues Formal or Casual?

Brogue shoes are formal. You would not find brogue detailing on men’s leather sneakers.

What Goes Well with Brogues?

Tailored suits, blazers, and black-tie go well with brogue shoes. Pair men’s chukka boots with brogue detailing with a tailored suit and look dapper and uber cool.

Conclusion - Brogue Shoes for Men

In this guide, we discussed brogue shoes for men. We have an impeccable collection of brogue shoes and it matches the quality of our popular men’s leather jackets and leather bags. Thus, do check out our wide range of brogue shoes that are available in derby shoes, Oxford, lace-up boots, wingtips, and other designs.