Wingtip Boots For Men

Wingtip boots are amongst the varied toe styles of shoes for men. Men’s wingtip boots have a wingtip toe design at the front that makes you look sharp and confident. The Jacket Maker has brogue derby boots available in wingtip designs. The brogue detailing is essentially hand-punched and gives an homage to traditional aesthetics. There’s nothing more classy and versatile than a pair of black wingtip boots – they go really well with tailored gray pants or even charcoal black jeans. Check out the various finishing styles and colors of high-quality wingtip boots for men.

Design Of Men’s Wingtip Boots

You must be wondering what exactly makes a shoe wingtip. Well, if you want to understand what a wingtip boot style is, it should look like the letter M or W when you see it from the top. The toes stretch like wings from the toe – making the boots wingtip. Now sometimes there’s brogue detailing done on the surface or tongue of the boots.

Are Wingtip Boots Casual?

Although wingtip boots are men’s leather dress shoes, they are also supremely versatile – by default, they can be casual. Their transformative nature makes them best suited for business casual. Dress them up or down according to your preferences. You can wear wingtip boots with a blazer and it will be business casual or even semi-formal should there be tailored pants. At the same time, wingtip boots can be casual if you wear them with either sweatpants or jeans and a T-shirt. The one thing common between both dress codes is this: you will look proper and effortlessly cool.

Best Color And Finish For Wingtip Boots

Here are some of the best color and finishing styles for wingtip boots available at The Jacket Maker.

Men’s Black Leather Boots

There are two men’s brogue derby boots with a wingtip toe style available in black color. One of them has a nubuck finish and the other one has an aniline finish.

Men’s Brown Leather Boots

There are three pairs of men’s brown leather boots currently available at The Jacket Maker. All three of the wingtip toe designs are in Derby styles. These brown boots have a distinguished look thanks to their finishing styles – nubuck, oil pull-up, and aniline.

Men’s Suede Boots

You can place a custom boots order at The Jacket Maker for men’s suede boots in wingtip designs as well. Suede is an immaculate finish that looks rather neat and formal.


What Makes A Boot A Wingtip?

If you look at the shoe from the top, it should have a toe design that looks like stretched wings. They can also resemble the letter M or W.

Are Wingtip Boots Comfortable?

Yes, men’s leather boots with wingtip toe style are extremely comfortable and constructed with high-quality materials.

What Is The Difference Between Wingtip And Winglet?

Winglet shoes are the same as wingtip shoes – the difference is simply the context; one is used for men’s shoes whereas the other is for women’s shoes.

What Is The Difference Between Oxford And Wingtip Shoes?

Men’s Oxford shoes are a shoe style whereas wingtip shoes are a distinct toe style of any shoe. Thus, Oxford shoes can be in wingtip design.

What Is The Difference Between Wingtip And Long Wing?

Wingtip boots are the ones that have a wing-like shape extending to the tongue of the shoe whereas the long wing extends up to the heels of the shoes/boots.


There are different toe styles of footwear that give each a unique and distinctive look. When we think of wingtip boots, we often find them appealing for their elegant appearance. Often considered to be formal, they can easily transform your attire into business casual. Wear men’s leather jackets with wingtip boots for a rockstar, rugged look. But that’s not it – you can easily create preppy outfits with wingtip boots and leather bags, especially if they’re tote bags. Do check out the brilliant collection by The Jacket Maker.