Suede Boots For Men

If you’re trying to find a balance between formal and casual footwear, men’s suede boots are your answer. Suede boots for men are not just comfortable but also a sign of sophistication and elegance. They can easily be paired with flared pants, tailored chinos, loose khakis, ripped jeans, and much more. Whether you want to grab a bite with friends or attend a grand garden party, men’s suede boots are perfect for every occasion.

The Jacket Maker has launched Eviternity, a brand dedicated to bringing formal and casual men’s shoes of quality to you at a reasonable price. You can find a lot of variety in suede boots for men. From suede ankle boots for men to suede oxford dress shoes to derby style shoes – consider us your best option for suede footwear.

Types Of Men’s Suede Boots

Here are the types of men’s suede boots that you can find at The Jacket Maker:

Men’s Derby Shoes

These ankle-length lace-up boots add a touch of style and enigma to your look. You can find men’s derby shoes in two different colors – brown and midnight blue. The suede finish makes the suede boots supremely cool and perfect for a business affair.

Chelsea Boots

If you want boots that are comfortable and sleek in style, suede Chelsea boots for men will be best for you. Get suede Chelsea boots for men in black or brown if you’re someone who prefers keeping things basic and classy. However, if you want to add a touch of glamor to your outfit, you can always opt for men’s black suede boots in midnight blue. The suede finish is as versatile and durable as the ones given to brown suede boots for men. Besides, who doesn’t like a slip-on design – so easy to carry and style with jeans!

Men’s Ankle Boots

Men’s ankle boots are supreme in every way possible. Looking for the best ankle suede boots for men? We are here to give quality assurance with immaculate style and versatile designs. There are Chelsea boots, wingtip boots, derby boots, and whatnot. Find your preferred color and keep suede-ing.

Men’s Chukka Boots

Men’s chukka boots are not ankle-length but that’s not a problem. They are classy, casual and comfortable. Constructed with durable material and having ace craftsmanship, you absolutely cannot go wrong with chukka boots for men. If you want suede chukka boots, we have them in brown and blue.

Men’s Lace-Up Boots

Who doesn’t like comfortable lace-up boots? Men’s lace-up boots are in style and create a buzz not only on the streets but also on the fashion carpets and ramps. You should definitely invest in men’s lace-up boots with a suede finish. From their design to different color variations, your style game will only go up a notch so don’t be afraid of creating fashion faux pas.

Men’s Wingtip Boots

Men’s wingtip boots are classy and formal. The combination of wingtip toe style, leather stacked heels, and suede finishing is top-notch. Find lace-up derby boots in brown and blue for a look that will be desired on a magazine cover!

Men’s Black Leather Boots

Men’s black leather boots are classy and evergreen. A look that you can never go wrong with – in fact, if you’re a man and you don’t have even one pair of men’s black leather boots with a suede finish in your wardrobe, you definitely need an update. Men with a basic fashion sense use black suede boots for signature looks that are never out of style.

Men’s Brown Leather Boots

Brown is the new black. Opt for beautifully crafted men’s brown leather boots with a suede finish. We have several different designs from derby boots to chukka and Chelsea boots, choose and curate a bunch of unique outfits that are immaculate choices for every and any occasion.

FAQs - Leather Suede Boots

What Wears Better Suede Or Leather?

Suede is a type of leather and also a finish. Therefore, one can’t draw any comparisons here. However, suede leather shoes on the whole are great materials for shoe investments.

Are Suede Boots Any Good?

Yes, suede boots are trendy, fashionable, and supremely comfortable. The material has a unique appearance and a fuzzy warm feeling.

Is Nubuck Leather The Same As Suede?

No, nubuck and suede are slightly different. Suede comes from the exterior hide of an animal whereas suede is extracted from the interior.

Are Suede Boots Hard To Maintain?

Yes, suede boots can require more maintenance than other types of leather. However, you only require leather conditioning twice a year to keep your suede boots looking fresh and clean.

How Long Do Suede Boots Last?

Suede boots can last you a decade if you provide them care and maintenance.


Suede boots are men’s new favorite accessory and fashion item. They are new-age signature looks that men love to aim for. Opt for suede leather boots available in various undertones and colors. The suede finish makes them unique and adds a solid character. They are available in different designs – just like our collection of men’s leather jackets and leather bags. Thus, hop on this bandwagon and invest in suede leather boots for men!