Men's Oxford Shoes

]Should you want to lend elegance and suave to your formal outfits, add men’s Oxford shoes to the mix. Men’s Oxford dress shoes are not simply outstanding in terms of design and functionality, they also exude class and power like no other footwear. The Jacket Maker is a leather brand with a collection of men’s Oxford dress shoes in various colors, finishes, and styles – and all available at a reasonably cost-effective price. There’s so much that one can convey with a pair of stylish men’s Oxford shoes, and in this guide, we’re going to help you understand just that.

Oxford Shoes For Men

Oxford shoes are well in contrast with athletic and casual shoes. This doesn’t suggest that they are highly uncomfortable, on the contrary, they’re designed to be functionally charged while retaining softness and comfort.

In this regard, leather shoes for men are deemed some of the best options – From men’s oxford shoes to even men’s leather boots in derby style, you have a plethora of options to avail and play with. Leather shoes for men are worn with tailored pants and collared shirts for a more laid back look, at the same time, you can wear leather Oxford shoes for men with a suit and tie to a formal event.

All in all, oxford dress shoes are versatile and dapper and help you attain a tidy and put-together look.

Men’s Oxford Dress Shoes – New-Age Functional Elegance

When we speak of men’s leather dress shoes, the name of men’s oxford shoes comes on top. The lace-up shoes are incredibly versatile and classy. These dress shoes are well-constructed and are highly functional. From the closed-lace, wing-tip toe style to the lightweight Blake-stitch, Eva insole cushion, and the rubber-capped leather heel that ensures optimal grip and traction, Oxford shoes are designed to perfection. Here are some of the best leather Oxford dress shoes for men offered by The Jacket Maker.

Black Oxford Shoes

Following the contemporary fashion model, we offer three styles of black dress shoes for men – different in finish and design. While you have the traditional close-laced wing-tip blueprint, the sleek moccasin construction has three distinct finishing styles: soft cowhide, nubuck, and aniline. You can also have brogue oxford shoes, where the hand-punched detailing lends a solid character to the formal footwear.

Brown Oxford Shoes

Also considered one of the most versatile colors, find casual Oxford shoes in different brown undertones while retaining their universal structure and design. Buy Oxford-style shoes plain and with brogue detailing in a unique finishing style that each lends a unique character to the footwear. For instance, you can get brown dress shoes in an oil pull-up finish that is exquisite and vintage. Furthermore, if you want something soft and fuzzy, look no further than the suede brown Oxford shoes. And if you want something simple yet elegant, the breathable aniline finish or the highly durable soft cowhide finish would do.

Suede Oxford Shoes

Men’s suede shoes are legacy-driven and give you a great balance of tradition and modernity. The Jacket Maker offers a beautifully crafted, hand-sanded pair of suede oxford shoes. Following the sleek design, Oxford shoes are elegant, functional, and highly durable. Dress them with your best-tailored suit in brown or black and see your confidence boom in milliseconds.

Do Men’s Casual Oxford Shoes Exist?

Although Oxford shoes are formal due to their sleek design and neat look, they can easily transform into men’s casual Oxford shoes with the simple hack of dressing down. This is credited to their versatility and classy energy.

Options for Men’s Leather Oxford Shoes

If you’re looking for alternate options for men’s casual leather shoes and don’t want to delve into the world of formal Oxford shoes, you have several options ranging from derby shoes to sneakers and even loafers. Check them out!

Derby Shoes

Men’s derby shoes are open lace with wing-tip toe style. They are stylish and can help you dress elegantly while also being comfortable to wear. You can wear derby shoes casually with jeans and shorts as well – becoming an essential part of men’s capsule wardrobe.

Leather Sneakers

Men’s leather sneakers are the most loved and treasured part of their wardrobe – not only are men collectors of great pairs of sneakers but they also love wearing them with both jeans and suits.

Chelsea Boots

Leather Chelsea boots for men can be defined as business casual in terms of dress code. Boots, just generally, are comfortable and highly durable. Hence, opt for Chelsea boots for your daily outfits and see your style upgrade to another level.

Leather Loafers

Men’s leather loafers are exceptional – having the classy slip-on design, sometimes with a tassel or brogue detailing. These shoes can go from semi-formal to casual with the right dressing and outfit curation.

FAQs - Oxford Dress Shoes

What Is Considered An Oxford Shoe?

Oxford shoes have a clean cut with a closed lace wing-tip style and leather stacked heels. These shoes are efficiently crafted with Blake stitch construction. An integral part of men’s formal attire, Oxford shoes exude power and sophistication.

Why Are Oxford Shoes So Expensive?

Oxford shoes are formal footwear that is designed with minor details and have been exquisitely crafted to perfection. Being high-end shoes they are made from durable materials while retaining superlative functionality and design.

Why Do People Wear Oxford Shoes?

Oxford shoes are almost a mandatory part of formal attire for men. Thus, they wear Oxford shoes to meet the requirements of a dress code, meanwhile looking fabulous and stylish all the same.

What Is The Difference Between Chelsea And Oxford Shoes?

Chelsea boots are slip-on style meanwhile Oxford shoes have laces, sometimes with brogue detailing.

What’s The Difference Between An Oxford And A Derby Shoe?

The main difference between Oxford shoes and Derby shoes is their lacing style – Oxford shoes have a closed-lacing design meanwhile derby shoes are open-laced.

What Is The Most Versatile Oxford Shoe Color?

Brown is the most versatile color for Oxford shoes.

Are Oxford Shoes Business Formal?

Oxford shoes are generally regarded as a formal pair of shoes, however, with the right styling, you can make Oxford shoes business formal.

Are Oxfords More Formal Than Loafers?

Yes, Oxford shoes are more formal than loafers.


Men’s Oxford shoes are an integral part of their capsule wardrobe. They’re regarded as the best choice for formal wear. At The Jacket Maker, you can find a large collection of men’s Oxford dress shoes at reasonable pricing without compromising on the quality and functionality of the footwear. Check out their brilliant shoe collection and dress right for any occasion. You can also check out their classic and versatile collection of men’s leather jackets and leather bags.