Men's Lace Up Boots

Leather shoes for men have been an essential part of their capsule collection. Dating back to the Stone Age, men have been wearing boots; paintings in the caves are there as evidence. Earlier men fought wars in boots and now they sit in board rooms deciding the fate of human existence in the same fashion. Regardless of their design, boots have remained a popular choice for men as their favorite footwear due to the level of comfort and style they offer.

Today, the street style is dominated by men’s lace-up boots – worn with jeans, shorts, and skirts alike. Should you choose to wear men’s casual lace-up boots with a plaid shacket and regular blue jeans or opt for tidier silhouettes like tailored pants and single-breasted blazers, men’s leather lace-up boots are the “It Fashion” for the season.

The Jacket Maker is a breakthrough e-commerce brand in the leather industry – currently dominating with its versatile, trendy, and sophisticated collection of men’s leather jackets. The brand has now launched Eviternity, having a vast collection of men’s leather dress shoes, with the same passion and ambition. You can find a wide range of dress shoes like men’s Oxford shoes and Derby shoes along with lace-up boots for men. The lace-up boots for men are available in a variety of colors, finishing styles, and even designs.

In this guide, we will take you through the magnanimous collection of men’s leather boots in lace-up style.

What Are Men’s Leather Boots In Lace-Up Style?

Our men’s leather boots collection is dominated by lace-up boots – an open-lace design with rust-proof eyelets in which poly-cotton laces seamlessly maneuver in and out to give you a snug fit and a comfortable feeling. In this collection of men’s lace-up dress boots, you will find Derby boots (brogued and not brogued) in various colors and finishing styles.

If you’re interested in buying men’s leather boots that match your vintage aesthetic, you can opt for lace-up boots for men with an oil pull-up finish. The elegance exuded by this finishing style is unmatched and quite antique. Men’s lace-up boots can seem too casual if you’re going to attend a business affair, which is why we have introduced men’s lace-up dress boots that give a twist to the usual derby shoes for men. Men’s derby shoes are usually the go-to option for formal footwear, so, when you opt for boots instead of shoes, there’s no better option than derby boots. The hand-punched brogue detailing is absolutely stunning and gives a unique look to your outfit. If you are aiming to create a one-toned or monotonous look, add a touch of your personality with brogued lace-up men’s boots.

Should You Invest In Lace-Up Boots For Men?

The answer is pretty subjective. However, if you are a man with high-fashion sensibilities, it’s a must to have lace-up boots in your wardrobe. And even if you’re new to fashion and interested in simply updating your capsule wardrobe, investing in men’s lace-up boots would be a great decision. The Jacket Maker has a whole section dedicated to men’s casual leather shoes which includes Chelsea boots, chukka boots, and whatnot.

But what makes a footwear investment even better is its versatility – men’s derby boots are exactly that for you. They possess the inherent charm and formality of derby shoes while giving you the comfort and regularity of a lace-up boot design. All in all, men’s lace-up boots are great investments.

Men’s Leather Boots – Types of Lace-up Boots Styles

Here are the different types of lace-up boots for men offered by The Jacket Maker.

Men’s Ankle Boots

We have a vast range of leather shoes for men, including a section of men’s ankle boots. This collection has slip-on boots as well as lace-up boots.

Men’s Wingtip Boots

When we think of wingtip toe styles, we immediately think of formal shoes. And keeping that in mind, we have a wide collection of men’s wingtip boots, allowing you to wear them both as formal and business casual wear.

Men’s Suede Boots

Men’s suede boots are an exceptional choice for men’s footwear. The material is warm, fuzzy, and supremely elegant-looking.

Men’s Black Leather Boots

You can never go wrong with black – a color that is not just cool but also a state of mind for many. Do check out our collection of men’s black leather boots that can be paired with monochrome outfits.

Men’s Brown Leather Boots

If you have a high fashion sense, you should invest in at least one pair of men’s brown leather boots. Not only do they immediately elevate your outfit but also add 5 stars to your confidence and charm. Take a look at our incredible collection of brown leather boots available in a variety of finishing styles and designs.

FAQs - Lace-up Boots

What Are Lace Up Boots?

Lace-up boots are boots that don’t have a slip-on design. These boots have rust-proof eyelets and laces made out of poly-cotton wax to allow quick and seamless maneuvering. These boots are sophisticated, business casual, and extremely comfortable.

Why Are Lace-Up Boots Better?

Lace-up boots are better as you can wear them with socks and protect your feet from getting cold – the laces provide a snug feel as you can tighten the grip and make your feet well-adjusted and comfortable.

How Do You Wear Jeans With Lace-Up Ankle Boots?

You can either fold your jeans upwards to pair them with fashionable lace-up ankle boots.

Should Lace Up Boots Be Tight Or Loose?

Lace-up boots should fit your feet size exactly or be slightly loose as you can use the laces to further tighten the boots.

Are Lace-Up Boots Good For Winter?

Yes, lace-up boots are perfect for winter. They will shield your feet from harsh winter and unpredictable weather.


The Jacket Maker has a brilliant collection of lace-up boots for men. These boots are mostly available in derby boot design – in different sizes, colors, styles, and finishing styles. You can take a look at the wide range of men’s dress shoe collections to create formal and business casual looks. Should you want to create a completely rugged look, men’s leather jackets would help. And should you desire a more preppy look, take a look at our leather bags, from tote bags to backpacks, we have them all.