Black Dress Shoes – Signature Footwear For Man

Leather shoes for men are not simply a necessity in terms of footwear but also a style statement. The type of elegance it exudes is not matched by other types of footwear. The design and color grading are all integral parts of men’s dress shoes. Black is a color that stands out and looks best for every occasion.

It is classic and versatile – the ability to transform any look into charming and confident. Black dress shoes are eminent formals; Eviternity has a collection of durable, stylish, and comfortable men’s black dress shoes for you. From Oxfords to Derbys and even Wholecut designs, get your new favorite men’s dress shoes in black to rock the upcoming season of glitz and glamor.

Types Of Black Dress Shoes For Men

If you’re interested in finding the best black dress shoes for men, check out the list of uber-cool shoes below:

Men’s Oxford Shoes

Embrace contemporary fashion in men’s oxford shoes. This sleek design is modeled in naturally-milled cowhide leather and has a gorgeous aniline finish. They are available in both brogued and un-brogued designs. The premium Blake constructions build its inherent strength and make it completely robust and sleek. The wingtip toe style adds glam and suave.

Men’s Derby Shoes

Men’s derby shoes are exceptional choices for anybody with an elevated sense of style. Should you want black men’s dress shoes for a business casual look, look no further than derby shoes in black. We have a collection of black shoes in Derby style – brogued and un-brogued with varied finishing styles for a distinct appearance with a solid character. Nubuck, suede, and aniline are some of the finishing styles for our beautiful men’s black dress shoes.

Are Men’s Black Dress Shoes Better Than Brown Dress Shoes?

Why black, you may wonder? Because black is classy, it is alluring, it shows you confidence, and it helps you intimidate whenever necessary. Men’s black leather shoes are essential components in a man’s formal wardrobe. In fact, it makes up for great casual leather outfits. But at the end of the day, the choice of color comes down to personal preference. You can force someone to wear black when they want to wear brown leather dress shoes instead; they wouldn’t make them work.

The idea is to wear shoes that you feel comfortable in. Black and brown are sleek colors that every person with a minimalist style feels at home with. Thus, regardless of the design, it could be men’s black leather boots or men’s brown dress shoes, wear what you want to. No shoe color is better than the other. And obviously, look at the outfit and dress code holistically before choosing the footwear. From casual leather shoes for men to formal ones, optimize every look with black.

Men’s Dress Shoes In Black – Different Finishing Styles

Here are some of the finishing styles of black casual dress shoes in our collection:

Suede Shoes For Men

We have a pair of sleek black leather dress shoes for men available in a suede finish. This finishing style is absolutely gorgeous to look at, adds warmth, and provides a soft and comfortable feeling. It is acquired from the innermost part of an animal hide. So do try out our best suede shoes for men!

Nubuck Shoes For Men

There are two debonair pairs of nubuck shoes for men – one in brogued Oxford and the other in brogued Derby style. Both men’s dress shoes are minimalist in design and have a classy appeal. Being extremely versatile, both shoes have the ability to transform your look to another level.

Aniline Shoes For Men

Aniline is a porous and breathable finish that makes your shoes incredible. We have over five different black leather dress shoes with aniline finish – each distinct in design and style. If you want something formal, Oxford and brogue Derby shoes are made for you, and if you want something semi-formal, there are double monk strap and wholecut designs as well.

FAQs - Black Leather Dress Shoes

What Are Black Dress Shoes Called?

Black dress shoes are called man’s best friends as these shoes are versatile, sleek, and minimal in style.

Can You Wear Jeans With Black Dress Shoes?

Yes, you can wear black dress shoes with jeans for a business casual look.

Are Black Dress Shoes More Formal?

Yes, Oxford and Derby shoes in black are excellent choices for men’s formal attire.

Do Black Dress Shoes Go With Anything?

Black dress shoes are incredibly versatile and can be paired with literally anything and everything.

Are Black Dress Shoes Business Casual?

Yes, black dress shoes like double monk straps, leather loafers, and even leather sneakers are exceptional choices for business casual attire.


Like men’s leather jackets, we have come up with a beautiful, sleek, and comfortable collection of men’s black dress shoes. You can opt for any of the styles in black dress shoes to create rugged and debonair outfits. Check out leather bags as well if you are aiming for a leather-on-leather look.