Brown Dress Shoes For Men

Leather shoes for men have an inherent charm and class that any other footwear can’t replace. The men’s brown dress shoes carry this legacy forward by looking effortlessly cool and comfortable when paired with any outfit. The color brown is rich and has variations in its undertones each exuding a story on its own. Light brown dress shoes go incredibly well with beige, peach, and other light-shaded colors whereas dark brown dress shoes suit navy blue and other dark shades.

Men’s brown dress shoes are collaborative, versatile, and supremely sophisticated – available in different shoe designs and dress codes. You can check out our brilliant collection of brown dress shoes for men; from Oxfords to Derbys, Wholecut, Double Monk Straps, and even a variety of boots, there is something for everyone.

Types Of Brown Dress Shoes For Men

Are you looking for brown dress shoes for men? We have so many options available for you – in different sizes, designs, and undertones. Check out our list of men’s dress shoes in brown below:

Oxford Shoes

Men’s Oxford shoes are the first footwear that comes to anybody’s mind whenever the word formality is in context. Men’s brown dress shoes in Oxford style are expensive but worth every investment – because they exude an incomparable elegance and versatility. The closed lace design of these men’s brown shoes makes them appear neater and more sophisticated. The leather stacked heels are partially capped with rubber for you to walk smoothly and more confidently.

Derby Shoes

If you want brown dress shoes that balance formality with comfort, there’s no right answer other than men’s derby shoes. The men’s brown dress shoes have rust-proof eyelets and poly-cotton laces that seamlessly glide in and out of the eyelets. Available in hand-punched brogue detailing, derby brown dress shoes for men are considered an extremely classy choice. They can be worn with tailored suits or with a blazer and jeans combination as well.

Suede Shoes

Suede shoes are men’s brown leather shoes that come in different designs and styles. You have leather boots, loafers, derby and Oxford shoes, etc. Suede is a soft material that has a velvety texture. It is used to construct suede shoes for men in a variety of styles.

Wholecut Shoes For Men

In the world of formal wear, wholecut leather shoes are the best option for men with understated and simple styles. Made from real cowhide leather and Blake stitch construction, these shoes come in various finishing styles and have a unique character. You can find wholecut shoes for men in different colors – brown being the most sophisticated and high-rated.

Double Monk strap Shoes

If you want men’s brown leather shoes to go with a formal suit, buy double monk strap shoes in brown. Double monk strap shoes for men deviate from the usual lacing design and opt for the buckle style instead. Although you can find them in midnight blue and black, it is the brown color that stands out and goes with almost all formal attire.

Brown Dress Shoes Vs. Black Dress Shoes

Do you consider your style to be basic and understated? If so, you’d usually opt for black or brown leather shoes for men. Both colors are a popular choice amongst men because of their versatility and class. Regardless of the dress code, the colors suit all types of outfits and occasions. Whether you want casual leather shoes for men or something more dressy, go for men’s black dress shoes or brown dress shoes and you’ll look immaculate.

If you’re someone who wants to buy leather loafers to keep your regular business casual attires stylish, we suggest you choose a brown color. At the same time, if you want men’s leather boots, a black color can be suited well. The debate between men’s black and brown leather dress shoes is truly endless and will only be settled by personal preference – but both are right on their own.

FAQs - Brown Dress Shoes

How To Style Men’s Brown Shoes

Styling brown dress shoes has never been easier. They can go well with tailored suits as well as basic jeans and even the trousers that you wear casually at home to run errands. We offer a wide collection of men’s brown leather boots, like leather Chelsea boots or Chukka boots, etc. Not only are they incredibly versatile but also deeply understated and suave.

You can wear light brown dress shoes with plaid pants and shearling leather jackets if you want to dress up for a casual outing. Another outfit idea would be pairing dark brown dress shoes with a grey tailored suit and brown tie. Light brown dress shoes are rather tricky to put together compared to dark brown dress shoes. However, the easiest trick to keep in mind when curating an outfit with light brown dress shoes is to keep the rest of the outfit light, preferably pastels. As for dark brown dress shoes, they are the easiest to use. You can wear them with literally any dark color or even lighter tones of gray, blue, and pink.

When Should You Wear Brown Dress Shoes?

You can wear brown men’s dress shoes whenever you want. They’re best for formal occasions, like business meetings, corporate events, family dinners, weddings, etc. For corporate events, we recommend buying light brown dress shoes.

Are Black Or Brown Dress Shoes More Versatile?

Both black and brown men’s dress shoes are versatile. Being grounded and basic colors, they go well with almost everything – loud, bold, understated, deep; anything. If you want a mediator, we recommend investing in dark brown dress shoes.

Are Brown Dress Shoes Formal?

Yes, brown men’s dress shoes are formal. However, the design of the brown shoe is more significant in this case. For instance, men’s leather sneakers in brown would not be certified as the best formal dress shoes. Instead, a more appropriate choice here would be brown Oxford shoes.

Do Brown Dress Shoes Go With Everything?

Yes, brown men’s dress shoes off with almost every attire – if chosen wisely.

Are Brown Dress Shoes Business Casual?

Yes, brown men’s dress shoes can be business casual if you keep the rest of the outfit simple and casual.


Men’s brown dress shoes are the most versatile and classy footwear choice for men – and an investment that returns the most by being suited well for all kinds of outfits. We offer a wide collection of men’s dress shoes in brown that are also incredibly affordable and stylish. Oxford shoes, Derby shoes, Wholecut shoes, and double monk strap shoes are some of the most popular designs for men’s brown shoes. Should you want more personalization, we also provide custom order placements.